Self Hosting a Blog

I feel like I’m a few steps behind with this, it’s something I’ve considered before but it seemed a lot of hassle. However, partly thanks to the fact WordPress now refuses to work on any of my internet browsers, I feel like it’s time to take the step, or at least seriously consider it and start taking the steps towards it. One big problem is, I’m not actually sure where to start with this!

I know a lot of you guys might already be self hosting your blogs so I thought I’d ask and see what you recommend. I’d like to be able to transfer everything over, I’m half tempted just to change to a premium account with WordPress to keep it all simple, and I know that’s a big pain. I also know that if I’m properly concentrating on my blog now it makes sense considering how little money it costs per month, or it can anyway, and how much of a difference it can apparently make when it comes to be taken seriously in the eyes of companies.

And I won’t lie, it would be nice to have an option to make money with adverts even if it’s nothing much. I know that isn’t a reason to start a blog, it wasn’t my reason for starting it as is probably obvious by the fact it’s three and a half years and there are plenty of people who have grown quicker. I like to think that I’ve grown organically (though that does make me feel like a fancy vegetable) and that the steady growth hopefully means people keep coming back.

Anyway, this is pretty much a short post asking for advice. I’ve had a look around at some of the companies out there but thought I’d ask and see which you would recommend? Any to avoid? Is it just easier to stick with WordPress? I’d prefer to go with one that’s easy to set up and customise, I can do html and coding but would rather not have to when it comes to this. Other than that I’m not sure I have much idea on what to look for, so any advice at all would be welcome. Also hopefully if you’re reading this and not self hosting yet but thinking about it maybe you’ll see things in the replies as well that will help you.

Thanks for reading if you got this far. I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog posts and the second of the Stila gift set posts will be up tomorrow. I’m going back to one of the things I originally started this blog for (computer games) next week, it’s just taking some more time to prepare than I expected!

9 thoughts on “Self Hosting a Blog

    1. It seems like it’s one of those where there are so many opinions when I search but I hadn’t thought of searching in my feed, I don’t think I ever use that feature. I have a feeling I’ll just be sticking with WordPress in the end probably.


  1. I thought about self-hosting, and I have looked into several options. In the end I thought that staying with WP and having a paid plan would be the best choice (you also get to keep all your followers/the blogs you follow). In the end I left everything as it was, but I think I’ll stick with WP if I ever decide to have my own domain…

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    1. I hadn’t thought about losing the blogs I follow now too. I think this is probably the way I’ll go when I do make the change. It’s just something I’ve been considering for a while and keep backing out of and thinking of excuses and now I’m going to properly focus on it it seems like a whole fresh start (in a way) would be good. Just seems like a big step! πŸ˜†

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  2. I have the paid personal plan, but I’ve been looking into self-hosting. Bluehost is one option & it’s recommended by wordpress. All of your followers will transfer over with the jetpack plugin & if you don’t have a domain yet you can create one w/ Bluehost. Once you’re self-hosted you can do anything you want like add ads to your blog. You have to have the premium plan ($8/month) on wordpress to make money from wordpress ads or the business plan ($24.92/month) to add your own like adsense, which isn’t worth it & it’s better going self-hosted.

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    1. Bluehost were the main one I was looking at, there seems to be a lower price at the moment too. The price of wordpress does seem higher than some others when it comes to being able to have ads, I guess you’re paying for the convenience as well. I think I need to make a proper comparison with everything. See if I’d actually benefit from being able to have ads or just go for the domain name to start with. I’ve ended up backing out as it feels like a big step but I feel like it’s time to have a domain name.


      1. Also with Bluehost you have to commit to 3 years to get the lowest $2.95/month price.
        For now I’m sticking with the personal plan especially since I just paid for the renewal last month. It’s nice being able to have your own domain & I would definitely recommend it if having ads is not necessary for you right now.


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