Review: Stila Shimmer and Glow in Kitten, Grace and Twig

Stila recently released a new product range in the Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows. They are similar to the Glitter and Glow which I have been seeing around a lot the past year but, instead of a glitter formula, they’re a shimmery eyeshadow. Before Christmas I bought a set for £45 that had three Shimmer and Glow and three Glitter and Glow, with each colour having a similar equivalent in the other finish. Today’s post is going to be about the three Shimmer and Glow, I’ll do a review of the Glitter and Glows later in the week.

As these were in the set they are minis, they’re half the size of the full release versions, as the standard size has 4.5ml and these have 2.25ml. The full sizes cost £23 so each of these is the equivalent of £11.50. The three colours I have are fairly neutral; Grace (rose taupe), Kitten (nude pink) and Twig (warm chestnut brown). I’ve tried them in a few different ways as they’re pretty versatile so it was fun to experiment and see how they worked.

In general I am a fan of the Stila colour scheme, the slightly matte old pale gold finish of the lids and the more rose gold finish of the logo and information printed on the packaging just works for me. I also like how, most of the time, the colour of the product when it dries is very close, if not exactly the same colour, as when wet so the clear packaging means you know what you’re getting.

The doe foot applicator in these is fairly flat and flexible, the flatness means you can get quite a good precise area even if you use this rather than a more precise brush. As it’s so flexible it’s comfortable on your eyelids, the fluffiness of the applicator also helps there as it’s definitely more obviously fluffy than spongey like some of the doe foot applicators and picks up a lot of product.

The formula itself is very pigmented, it’s thin and one coat is enough for a completely opaque finish. It does take a while to dry sometimes but when it has dried it doesn’t move so you do need to do any moving or blending while it’s still wet or use a different product type to blend with it. It does tend to stick well though once it’s applied and I found no real benefit from using a primer, it actually works fairly well as a base itself for powder products.

As it’s so opaque it is definitely a bright colour when you apply it, I found that it’s a bit too opaque and shimmery for an everyday look but a great way to add some shimmer to an evening or brighter look. To use it everyday I found that applying a small amount in the middle and then spreading it with a brush and patting it around while it’s still wet applies a thin, more subtle layer for a bit of a shimmery look. It also works fairly well for me in the place of a primer and helps to hold powder products on top.

The consistency and pigmentation also made me think it’s be a great eyeliner. It does work pretty well for this, though you do have to be careful about adding other products or moving your eyes too much when it’s wet. Once it’s dried it sticks in whatever design you applied it unless you do some serious rubbing. The photo shows how it ends up when I tried to blend and I only got it to move that much when it was dry by rubbing quite a bit with my fingers. It works ok in normal circumstances but it’s not waterproof and does start running if it gets too wet.

The three colours I have from the set are definitely what I would consider fairly ‘safe’ colours, as in they’re pretty neutral and I think most people would wear them quite easily once you’re used to the application. The only thing is that both Grace and Kitten aren’t all that different. Kitten is slightly pinker and lighter, whereas Grace is maybe slightly more like a very light metallic taupe colour. Both of them are really pretty, shimmery and opaque even when on top of darker products when you just apply them with the doe foot applicator. Twig is definitely a warm chestnut and very pigmented so works great when applied as a colour to blend out in the corners if you move quick enough when it’s wet. One thing I have found is that Twig does seem to blend more with the base moving too and the other two tend to blend the shimmer particles away but the base colour sort of disappears more.

That does bring me onto one thing, when I think of shimmer I sometimes thing of the more subtle shimmer colours, the ones that are almost a satin finish, which have been appearing and still under that shimmer heading.  These definitely do not fall into that category. I think one of the reasons they are so opaque is the sheer amount of shimmer particles in the formula, which is more obvious in the lighter colours when you try to blend them. You can tend to end up looking slightly overly sparkly if you blend it out too far without realising. These definitely aren’t for you if you’re not a fan of a lot of shimmer.

Having said all of that I do love these liquid eyeshadows. They work well for me how I’d want them to and I have been known to like a bit of shimmery sparkle in my eye looks, even for the everyday. They stay put and can be a multiuse product if you want them to be, especially with the right brushes. I can also see these half sized versions lasting me for ages so I’d say the sets are a great way of getting these, I wouldn’t have been able to get two of the full sized versions for the price of the six minis.

I think if you’re in the market for a pigmented, shimmery liquid eyeshadow then these would be worth checking out. If you’re looking for a more subtle shimmer these aren’t for you and, at the time of writing, the range mainly consists of fairly neutral colours with a few pastels, a dark black gold combo colour and a bright red thrown in so fans of bright colours might want to look elsewhere.

As they’re more expensive, especially the full sized, I probably wouldn’t suggest them for people who don’t know if they like liquid eye products, maybe try a cheaper one first. Though these are definitely a step up from the drug store price bracket I’ve tried before I did get an idea of whether I liked using liquid products on my eyelids without spending this much on something I wasn’t sure of. I think they’re the kind of products, especially when bought in a gift set, that would make a good present for both new and experienced makeup fans. They’re good quality but easy to use and a quick way to get an even base colour.

I hope you guys liked this post. Have any of you tried the Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows? Which colours did you go for or are there any you have your eye on? I kind of like the pastel green and Cloud is a gorgeous duochrome but I know at full price it’d be a bit of a gamble if I didn’t use them.

5 thoughts on “Review: Stila Shimmer and Glow in Kitten, Grace and Twig

    1. They’re so pretty. I had some when I was younger that were thicker and less pigmented so knew I liked the style of products before I got these. These definitely can get messy, especially with the drying time, but they’re so pigmented and pretty easy to use after a couple of tried and working out how much to use for the look you want.


    1. These shimmer ones are much more wearable for me than the glitter ones but they’re definitely sparkly! They’re so pretty and if you can find them in a set, especially on sale, it’s better value for money to me if you do give in.


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