Review: Soap and Glory What a Peeling De-Clog Face Mask


I have to say I do love a good face mask. Recently I’ve mainly been buying sheet masks but there’s something oddly satisfying about peeling of a peeling sheet mask. One thing I’ve found is that they tend to be fun but a bit underwhelming when it comes to the long term positive effects on my skin. If I see a new one from a brand I love though I do tend to give in and try it.

This Soap and Glory What a Peeling De-Clog Mask costs £4 and you get two little pods of face mask. I think it’s intended for one use each but there’s too much for me to use in one go so I’ve used the one pot twice. It claims to de-clog pores and the other benefits are supposed to be: lifts away impurities and dirt, removes excess oil, purifies, smoothes and brightens which sounds like a lot from one mask. Having said that I gave it a go as my skin has recently been a bit congested and I’ve been getting mini breakouts so I thought I’d give it a challenge and see how it coped.

The packaging for this is nice, it’s definitely one that stands out when it’s still in the card sleeve and it’s easy to actually put the pods back into the sleeve and close it up if you want as it just unfolds. You also get a little spatula in there, which does make me think they expect you to have more than one use as they tend to be to keep the product clean from dipping your fingers in, or maybe it’s the other way round in this case.

The pods themselves are less distinctive but take up a lot less room on their own. They’re pretty much the standard size for these, I’ve had a few versions of these, so they’d stack well and might even work in one of those stacking things you get for coffee machine pods if you wanted to organise them and display them. If you want to reuse them you do need to seal them, simple tape around the edges and a strip that surrounds the whole thing across ways is enough but without it you get a skin that sets on the top. I get that they make them easy to peel off and are meant to be one use but there’s so much in there it would never set for me if I used it all and I’d love it if a company made a resealable version.

Seeing the face mask in the diagram it shows it as pink but I thought this was just sticking with the Soap and Glory branding and it’s be a duller colour inside. I was definitely wrong. This is a bright bubblegum pink, the brightest face mask I think I’ve used, and I have some of the ones with patterns printed on. It’s a fairly thick formula, definitely thicker than the gel type ones I used to buy in Boots, and is a bit sticky so make sure it doesn’t spill on anything. You do get a fair bit of warning if you drop it though, I did and it managed to do an acrobatic somersault and it was just moving slightly by the time I got it.

Application is a bit harder to get it even than some, I definitely had thinner and thicker bits the first time, but if you know what to expect it’s not too bad. It has a slightly fruity smell, nothing I could really identify but reminded me of their fruitigo scent so maybe berries and tropical fruits, I’m not sure.

You leave this mask on for twenty to twenty five minutes, I did twenty five and each time there was a thicker patch that hadn’t set but it had started to peel around the edges by itself so it felt like it was time to remove it. I wasn’t expecting too much from it, it does warn you there might be some pulling as it de-clogs pores but I wasn’t sure. For most of my face it did nothing but there were some bits where you could see it had grabbed the gunk in my pores. It looked a bit like when you pull off a nose strip when you haven’t done one in ages. I was definitely impressed with this and pleasantly surprised at how my skin felt afterwards.

This much was left after one use.

Giving it some time to adjust after using this mask and my skin still feels good. There was the immediate effect of it but my skin feels cleaner than before. Maybe it’s psychological but it feels like the feeling of a breakout coming on that’s been lurking for ages has gone. It’s hard to describe really but I’m definitely loving the after effects.

One thing I tend to find with peel off masks, especially those aimed at de-clogging pores, is that my dry skin gets even worse. I guess most of them are aimed at problem skin which often has the problem of creating excess oil so it’s understandable but mine is dry and acne prone so I have to put up with even drier skin for a bit. I haven’t found that with this one. Maybe on the day it made the dry skin more obvious but from the next day on it’s normal.

If you have acne prone skin or clogged pores I think this is worth a try. It’d also be great for a night in with friends. Put this on, sit around and chat or have a pamper evening and then remove it. I do love how immediate these things are and less messy than traditional face masks, plus they stick so no fear of leaving a trail of crumbling face mask if you walk around or want to do something.

Basically this is a great peel off mask, one of the most satisfying masks I’ve ever used and one that you can visibly see how it’s working. It might be a bit gross for some but I love that feeling of pulling off a nose strip and seeing what it’s done!

4 thoughts on “Review: Soap and Glory What a Peeling De-Clog Face Mask

    1. I think next time I’ll try the whole tub. In the past when I’ve done that they haven’t set and I’ve had to wash them off anyway but seems like this might dry and peel well with it all. Definitely one I’ll be buying again when my face mask stash goes down a bit.

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  1. This looks really good! I like that they give you a spatula too. I love peeling masks but some are TOO peel-y (I get hives!)… good thing this wasn’t the case. I too, really enjoy looking at the mask after pulling out the gunk! 😆

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    1. I don’t tend to get reactions to peel off masks but I know what you mean about too peely. This one came off surprisingly easily, even the bits where you could see it pulling out the gunk. It is oddly satisfying isn’t it? 😆


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