Review: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Bright and Bold Set

Is anyone else having trouble with WordPress? I tried uploading this yesterday three times and I’ve had to email it to my iPad and use the app as it says it can’t connect securely. Anyway, after rearranging my room I finally have natural lighting on my desk for photos so hopefully the lighting is better. It’ll take a bit of getting used to so sorry if the lighting isn’t the best to start with.

Not long before Christmas I bought a few things in TK Maxx including this mini set of Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks Bright and Bold Set. It’s not available on their website any more but may be available in stores, however it is still up on the Look Fantastic website for £18 (I did think that the £40 price tag on the label would be a bit of a stretch to be honest given they’re mini versions).

The set has three different colours, all of them I’d say are bright and possibly statement lips though the one is a classic red. They’re matte colours and the shades are a mix of limited edition and permanent colours, I’ll label which are which in the review if you’re interested in trying them out. The colours are Beso (classic red), Lume (deep berry purple) and Viola (lilac) and cover a good range of brights for different looks.

I hadn’t tried any of the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks until I got one in the Marks and Spencer’s advent calendar and I have to say that they’ve become one of my favourite liquid lipsticks. The packaging has a classic look to me, the slightly matte pearly finish of the gold lid makes them stand out and I like the fact the colour the product is when wet in the tube is the same as when it dries down, some others I’ve tried seem to change dramatically.

The doe foot applicator is a nice size, though it is less fluffy than quite a few I’ve tried it grabs a lot of the product and means you only do one dip for more than enough product for one coat. The formula for these is pretty thick too so it’s not messy, though after using them a few times the top of the tube tends to get a bit blocked up but wiping the applicator along it when you’ve got most of the product off to push the extra back into the tube seems to work for me.

As I said I love the formula for these liquid lipsticks and all three have the same feel for me. It seems like an odd thing to say but the scent, or slight taste maybe, of these reminds me of the fragrance in Lush’s Snow Fairy products. It’s not the standard mint or a lipstick plastic scent that a lot of matte lipsticks have. It’s sort of sweet and slight hints of bubblegum or sweets in general to me. As it’s a thick formula it spreads on well and evenly and one coat it enough for most colours. I’d say the darkest one, Lume could do with some touching up as it does seem to be slightly less even but it’s not much to do and stays afterwards.

The colours themselves definitely stand out with these. I’m trying to do more bold lips, I love the look of them but hardly ever leave the house in them, but hadn’t found a formula that I liked that gives the opaque coverage so when I saw these, and knowing how the other colours worked so well for me, I had to try them.

Beso is a classic red and the only permanent colour in there, it’s one of those straight down the middle reds that doesn’t appear to have the orange or purple tint. It does have the tendency to make my teeth more yellow than they are so something to look out for. Also didn’t seem to dry as quickly as the others so didn’t look matte for a while.

Lume is probably my favourite of the three. It’s a deep purple berry colour that is a classic winter or autumn colour to me, the kind I love to wear on my nails. I’m not sure which of the permanent range is the closest to this one, it’s hard to tell online.

Viola is a bright lilac, on the cooler side that makes it stand out even more to me. This isn’t permanent but it looks a lot like swatches of Como in the permanent range, just slightly brighter.

These are all matte finish liquid lipsticks and do dry down without any blotting, though some definitely dry quicker than others. I like the way these feel on my lips, they dry but end up feeling slightly silky when you touch them when they’re completely set. They are slightly drying, though it’s not that noticeable when I’m actually wearing them, it’s more after removal.

Speaking of removal these things do not budge. The staying power is great and minimal transfer even when drinking a hot drink or after greasy food which tend to be the enemies of liquid lipstick. The colour does fade a bit with them but I found if I rubbed my lips together it evened out the coverage and it set again within minutes so you could go without reapplying if you wanted but to keep the same impact I’d say it could do with a top up. Removing these things is tough, at least I found it to be. I had to use two cotton pads with makeup remover to get the colour off completely, and that’s a few hours after the last application and two or three layers on there.

I definitely recommend the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks if they’re within your budget. They’ve had quite a few Stila products in TK Maxx recently so it might be worth checking your local and see if there’s any of these left. Although these may only be small compared to the full sized product, 1.5ml rather than 3ml, but I’m yet to get to the end of a mini liquid lipstick and I think they’re a great way to try colours and formulas properly rather than just relying on swatches, especially if you find them in offers.

Have any of you tried these Stila Liquid Lipsticks? I’ve just seen the new spring colours and I’d definitely be tempted by some of them if I didn’t already have more than enough colours to last me probably the rest of the year! Any colours you like or have your eye on?

4 thoughts on “Review: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Bright and Bold Set

    1. I love the lighter shade I got in the advent calendar, it’s one I use most of the time now, but I realised all my liquid lipsticks are fairly neutral or red and viola and lume were so pretty it sort of fell in my basket 😆


  1. Weird you’re having issues with WordPress – I haven’t noticed anything.
    These colours are so BOLD! Too bold for me… I like everything mellow and muted. 😛 It’s good that you scored these at TK Maxx though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it was edge and wordpress not getting on, or maybe the combo with my antivirus. I changed to Firefox and it’s all good so crossing my fingers it stays that way! I normally go for muted colours but every so often I want to give bold colours a try. I may get end up mixing them with something else, get a bit of a purple tint in something even if I’m not brave enough to leave the house in them by themselves! 😆 At least they were cheap if they don’t get much use.


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