Review: Unicorn Cosmetics Heat Sensitive and Spookalicious Halloween Brush Set


I love all the unicorn brushes around and have had my eye on the Unicorn Cosmetics unicorn brush set for months, but when I saw their Halloween edition Heat Sensitive and Spookalicious set was in the sale it’s even more me and I wanted it. It’s a limited edition set with five brushes (three face and two eye brushes), colour changing handles and a coffin shaped brush bag with unicorn studs on it. It’s also pretty much half price, £17.99 rather than £34.99, but being a limited edition it’s one of those sets you get now if you want it as when it’s gone it’s gone.

The fact that the set is half the size of the original unicorn brush sets definitely was a plus for me, I love the look of the full set but I’m not sure I’d need all ten different styles and I can always use eye brushes and your standard face brushes. The five brushes are; fluffy eye brush, precision blush brush, powder brush, foundation brush and an eyeshadow brush so you do have most of the basics covered there. They all have suitably spooky names to go with the orange and black colour scheme.

As this was part of a mini haul I did, if you want to read more about the outer packaging of the box or the mermaid brush I got with it then read this post. If you’re thinking of buying online I think they’d survive a trip anywhere as they’re well made and sturdy as well as being well packed.


I said with the mermaid brush and I’ll say it again for this one, but I love the artwork that comes with these and definitely thinking of framing it for my wall. It’s the card that gives the names and uses for each brush but the Halloween purple and green unicorn with bats is so cute I just want to keep it as art. It’s a matte fish and pretty sturdy card so it could stand up leaning on something by itself anyway but I think it deserves a frame and it’s easier to dust then! This brush set also came with a sheet of cute spooky Halloween makeup themed stickers which I am currently trying to think of places to put. Maybe I’ll decorate a palette or something with them.

I love this coffin shaped brush holder, fifteen year old me would definitely approve of this one, and it comes with a little mirror inside and a faux leather grey interior that I can see being easy to clean. The silver cobweb design is pretty but I’m not sure how wipe clean friendly it is if you plan on keeping your brushes in there. The pouches and elastic to hold the brushes are firm and hold them in place. They don’t necessarily have to sit in the positions they came in but I tried moving them round and, besides swapping the two eye brushes or the two smaller face brushes with each other, they tend to sit best in their original spaces.


The brushes themselves feel very well made, the bristles are soft and nicely shaped and there’s no wobbly bits or shedding bristles. The heat sensitive colour change is one of those things I didn’t know I wanted until I had it. It just works so well and I do love the mix of orange and black you get after holding them, though the black takes over again pretty quickly. These brushes have a matte finish with a dark gunmetal ferrule, which suits the colour scheme perfectly, and black to orange fibre bristles. Everything about it just screams Halloween and I love it!

The brushes are so soft, I’m trying to think of ones to compare it to in my collection and the only other ones that are a similar price tag at full price are probably Real Techniques but these feel a lot softer than the brushes I have from them. They all pick up a good amount of whatever product they’re designed for and blend out well, even if that’s not technically what they’re described as doing. I like how, even though they do have the two toned bristles in a bright colour, they don’t show the dirt with use as much as white based brushes do.


L-R: Freak or Unique, Devil in Disguise, Headless Whore, Skin Crawler, Bloody Hell


I have to say I do love the names for these, they make it more interesting than just calling them the eyeshadow or foundation brush.

Freak or Unique (fluffy blending eye brush) – not very dense, a very fluffy brush that blends out any of the eyeshadows I’ve thrown at it, though it does have a tendency to swallow or absorb some of the cheaper powdery eyeshadows

Devil in Disguise (precision blush brush) – pretty fluffy, not that dense and a great shape for precise blush. Contour and highlighting works ok with it too especially when it comes to blending it out, blends everything well

Headless Whore (powder brush) – this is the biggest powder brush I own and amazing at getting an even coverage of a large surface. The fluffiness and shape means it actually gets into more fiddly bits which was a nice surprise

unicorn-cosmetics-spooky-brushes-10Skin Crawler (foundation brush) – all the foundation brushes I own are flat apart from this one, it has a sort of triangle shape to it when you look from the end. A great shape for getting into trickier areas like around my nose and it’s the densest brush here. Good for liquid and mousse texture foundations if you want and doesn’t just drag it around

Bloody Hell (eyeshadow brush) – the one I expect to get the most use out of, one of those eyeshadow brushes that does pretty much anything. It packs colour well but also blends if you want it to


Size comparison for the face brushes (L-R): Devil in Disguise, Headless Whore, Skin Crawler


I think the two I’ll get the mot use out of are the two eyeshadow brushes, which is what I expected going into this really, but the foundation brush is definitely going to replace the ones I have at the moment. Overall they’re great quality, especially at the sale price, and I am definitely going to consider getting more from Unicorn Cosmetics. If they ever do a set that’s just eye brushes I will be getting it!

These may be a lot more expensive than the cheap copies that have sprung up everywhere but the extra money is definitely worth it, they just feel better made, slightly heavier and the bristles are so much softer than the cheap unicorn ones I got recently. They weren’t exact copies like I’ve seen around but close enough that I feel they could be compared. Though I don’t think I’ve seen any of the cheap unicorn ones in this colour so if you see the heat sensitive ones I’d guess they were originals, unless I’ve just missed them.


I think this is a great set for makeup beginners as well as those more used to using makeup as it does cover a lot of the basics brush wise. They’re good quality, have a fun look and so soft. I can see these being brushes that will last for years. If you know someone whose a fan of Halloween and makeup these would make a great gift, something a dit different from the unicorn makeup brushes that have been everywhere.

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