Review: CNF Mangosteen Sheet Mask

mangosteen-sheet-mask-1I do love a good sheet mask and, in my recent Korean Beauty haul, I found some new ones I’ve never heard of before, this The Iceland Sheet Mask in Mangosteen is one of them. I think the brand is CNF, there’s not much in English and I’m going by the contact information at the bottom of the sachet on the back. I got the set of five for £5.91 with a silicone puff so they’re around £1 each, a lot cheaper than sheet masks available in the UK.

Until a couple of years ago I’d never heard of a mangosteen, then my parents found them cheap on the market so came home with some. They’re a bit like a lychee in scent and flavour but look like the photo on the sachet. This particular sheet mask is aimed at calming your skin and, as my skin has been misbehaving a bit recently, I thought it would be a good one to start off my once a week face masks to see if I can get through my collection!

The sachet for this range is pretty plain, I like the fact it’s just got the photo of the ingredient it’s named after on the front as it keeps it simple and it doesn’t go for the cute look. Most of the information on the back is in Korean, not surprisingly, but there is a small section at the bottom in English with instructions, ingredients and the general warnings you get with skin care about irritations so there’s no looking up online to see what you have to do.

Inside the sachet is a lot of extra liquid, definitely enough for a second sheet mask if you have the plain ones you add liquid to. It’s one of the wetter masks so I did wring out quite a bit of liquid as it originally felt a bit slimy for me, I’m not a fan of overly wet masks. The mask itself is pretty nice material, it’s softer than the kind you get that feel a bit like wet wipes cut into a sheet mask shape. It’s very flexible and I had no trouble getting it to stick to my face and stay there, which is unusual as they often fall off part way through.


This looks slightly terrifying but I couldn’t get it to show up any other way

One slightly odd thing about this sheet mask is the shape of the mask itself. It’s definitely one of the wider masks and almost seems to be wider than it is tall. When I had it on the eyes did feel a bit small, maybe it’s just me as they look fine in the photo, but this feeling went away after I got used to it.


Probably the best thing about this mask for me is the scent; it’s fresh and fruity and light and dies remind me of the fruit. It’s definitely one of the masks I’d think would be great as a wake you up kind of sheet mask. It felt great on, didn’t fall off at all and I was able to sit up and even walk around with it on without having to readjust it. I often find that the bit between my nose and mouth dries out but it stayed stuck fine with this one.

As far as lasting effects go  I don’t think that sheet masks often have anything more than a pretty immediate effect that disappears almost as fast. I found that this one impressed me in that way, it left my skin feeling nice and moisturised and calm, it actually reduced some of the redness which I wasn’t expecting, and that feeling lasted until I washed my face the next morning.

Is it possible to take a good photo with a sheet mask on? How do other beauty bloggers do it?

Yes I did go without washing it off in the evening but my skin felt so nice and I’d washed it twice already in the day so I thought I’d risk it.


Basically this is probably my favourite sheet mask yet. I am most definitely buying this one again, probably quite a few of them considering I can only get them on eBay from Korea, and would recommend it as one to try for anyone.

I’m not sure how much of a difference the Iceland water had in it, maybe that’s the magic ingredient, but it definitely had a longer lasting effect than any I’ve tried before. It’s definitely moved the others in the range to the top of my sheet mask trying list, I can’t wait to give them a go! Have any of you tried this, or the others in the range? I have four others so any suggestions on which to try next?

3 thoughts on “Review: CNF Mangosteen Sheet Mask

    1. I hadn’t either, I think it’s my favourite sheet mask brand of the ones I’ve tried, if the rest work as well as this one anyway. The shape is odd, my head is quite small and it was too short and wide for it so it went on my ears!


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