Review: Josh Wood Radiant Shine Hair Treatment Oil


I don’t often review hair products, I tend to stick with ones I know and as my hair takes pretty much anything I throw at it it’s rare for a product to make a huge difference to it. However the Josh Wood Radiant Shine Hair Treatment Oil, which has been sat in my cupboard for ages after I first tried it and meant to go back to it but forgot about it, seems to have helped with certain hair problems I have now I’ve given it a proper try.

This bottle is from the Marks and Spencer’s Advent Calendar in 2016, that shows how long it’s been sat in the cupboard, and is a 30ml bottle which isn’t full sized. The full sized version is 48 ml and used to cost £12.50 in Marks and Spencer’s. I’ll leave that link in even though it says it’s out of stock in case it appears back again. Otherwise you can find it on amazon and eBay. I don’t normally post reviews of products that are discontinued but it’s still fairly easy to find and I can’t find anywhere that says it’s actually been completely discontinued, though I’m assuming it is as it says ‘no longer available’. It’s a pity but I wanted to share the review anyway as it’s helped my hair and it might be worth trying if you have similar problems.

Before I do the review it might be helpful to know what my hair is like, though I think this is the kind of product that would work for any hair type. My hair is very thick, tends to do what it wants, and has very strong flyaway bits that stick out at odd angles if I’m not careful to pin it down when it’s drying. Despite not being oily, being in good condition and being strong enough that it takes everything I’ve ever thrown at it and remained in good condition it seems to end up looking oily rather than shiny with pretty much any hair oil I’ve tried in the past. I’ve tried so many I stopped buying them years ago and stick with serums when my hair is drying.


Maybe it’s just me but there’s something about a glass bottle, especially this shape, with a dropper in it which reminds me of something clinical and automatically makes me think it would be good for me. I like the look though, it’s so plain it works anywhere and the seal on the lid is great, no leaks even when accidentally left lying on its side though I wouldn’t recommend it.


The dropper doesn’t really do drops for me, more just dribbles the oil onto my hand, but as you can see how much you’re getting out through the glass tube that isn’t really much of a problem. It does give the recommended amounts in drops but it’s a case of learning how much of the product works best for your hair anyway with these kinds of products.

I really like the scent of this hair oil. It has a hint of rose to it, but fresh rose rather than synthetic, along with a sweet almost cocoa butter background. It’s hard to describe, maybe it’s the pracachy and kukui nut oils as I have no idea what either of them is supposed to smell like.

This hair oil is designed to be used as either a pretreatment, before you use your shampoo, or using very little of it to add shine and help damaged hair when it’s dry. I’ve tried both ways and have had good results from both, though I’d say that the pretreatment definitely made more of a difference.


The formula is thin enough that it’s easy to apply a small amount on dry hair, I just put some on the palm of my hand and rubbed them together before I ran my hands through my hair. This did give a slight shine to my hair without looking greasy and also didn’t seem to reduce the amount of time needed between hair washes.

The pretreatment method is definitely where this works best. I used quite a bit, my hair felt oily when I’d finished, and left it in for a few minutes. I found it works best to apply it before I got in the shower, wash and then wash my hair so it’s been sat on for a bit but not too long. It’s easy to rinse out and left my hair so soft afterwards compared to using my hair care routine without it. For my hair this is great as it holds it down which is what I want. It does tame the flyaways, or rather I didn’t find any after using it, so I’d say it was successful in that way.


If you can find this product and have damaged, dry or thick hair with flyaway bits you want to tame I would recommend trying this. I’m not sure how well it’s work for thinner hair or hair that’s prone to becoming oily. I’ve used it quite a few times and not much has gone from the bottle. Of course that would depend on hair type and length, very long thick hair would probably only last a few uses if you did the pretreatment method how I did. I hope this hasn’t been completely discontinued, but if it has I am considering getting a bottle or two off amazon while it’s still cheap, I can see the price going up as the stock gets lower.

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