Korean Beauty Haul


I recently made another order from the F2plus1 eBay store for Korean beauty products, I think it seems to be this time of year that I make these orders. A couple of these products were ones I’ve had my eye on for a while and I may have bought some more sheet masks. I already have enough to last months but these ingredients sounded unusual and I do love anything lychee or mangosteen so they ended up in my basket.

I’m always a bit wary about ordering from eBay, especially when it comes to cosmetics as there are so many fakes out there and I think a fake plastic figure is one thing but something you put on your skin is another. But I trust the f2plus1 store as I’ve bought from them before. They also have an online store away from eBay, BeautynetKorea, which I haven’t used but think it’d be as trustworthy. It does take a while to get here, two or three weeks in general, but considering it’s all the way from South Korea that’s pretty quick.


One of the main things I wanted to try and have had my eye on for a while is a pack of the eye gel patch products. There’s quite a few out there but the Korean ones seem to be cheaper and you get a lot more in a pack than you do for ones in the UK for a similar price (these are normally around £8 for 60 eye patches and 30 spot patches). This is the Secret Key Gold Racoony Hydro-Gel Eye and Spot Patch (£8.27) and is a golden colour. There’s definitely a lot of liquid in there so they’re not likely to dry out and there’s a spatula so you don’t have to use your fingers and contaminate the ones left in the pot. I’m definitely looking forward to giving these a go, I love eye patches as they’re so cooling and refreshing and my skin seems to benefit from them but they’re normally so expensive.


I’ve also had my eye on the Etude House 98% Water Melon Soothing Gel (£6.65) as I’ve read reviews that say it’s like aloe gel but some say more moisturising. I’m not sure how true that is but I do like a good cooling gel, especially in the summer, and I wanted to see if watermelon worked as well as the aloe versions. I’m a fan of fresh watermelon scents, this one is somewhere between that and the fake watermelon candy scent you get in a lot of watermelon products but it’s still nice and refreshing. I’ll see how it works and report back, it’d be nice to have a fruitier version of the aloe gel in the summer to vary it a bit.

Since seeing the Pokemon Tony Moly collaboration products, and trying some of them, I’ve thought about trying the cleansers. I just had so many already it seemed a bit over the top to get more. As my skin has also calmed down a bit I wanted to give this Isanghessi (Bulbasaur) Pore Foam Cleanser (£5.10) a go and see how it worked for me. This is a good sized tube, I can see it lasting a while, so I’ll give it a go and do a proper review. I’m hoping something aimed at pore cleansing might help clear my pores more and reduce the black heads I get as well.

The only makeup product I got was one I saw on a YouTuber’s channel, Sharla in Japan (or maybe her blog channel, I can’t remember), and it’s a lip colour product. I think it’s a lip tint but it feels so smooth and velvety on I love it. It’s the Peripera Peri’s Ink Velvet in Pure Peach (£5.77) which is, unsurprisingly, a peach colour. It’s one of those times where the colour online is very different to the one in person, it looked more pink online, but it’s such a nice formula I can see myself wearing this in the spring and summer, especially with a lip gloss on top of it.


The final product, or set of products, that I chose is the CNF the Iceland Sheet Mask Set (£5.91 for the set of five with silicone puff) and includes: Litchi (brightning), Mangosteen (calming), Papaya (peeling), Peach (moisture) and Almond (nutrition). There are some unusual scents or ingredients in there, I don’t see much in lychee or mangosteen and I find both so refreshing and such nice scents I wanted to give these a go. I haven’t opened any but it looks like the picture on the back shows them as a more gel based sheet mask than the paper or material I’ve tried before, it will be interesting to see what they’re like.

The thing I don’t remember ordering but I think came with the sheet masks as an extra is the Komicos Silicone Puff. I haven’t tried any silicon sponges or applicators before but there is an instruction on the packaging about using it with a mask too to help make sure the full mask is in contact with your skin. I think I’ll try it for both, see what it’s like and do a proper review of it as it feels a lot softer and more rubbery than any of the silicon sponge products I’ve felt before. They always seem to be shinier so maybe this one will work differently, it definitely feels soft and spongy against my skin which is nice.

Each time you spend over a certain amount you get free products, this time it was a Jeju Farm Potato Sheet Mask (£2.85 for a set of 3), not one I’ve seen before but it sounds interesting and I’ll give it a go.

Have you guys tried any of these? They’re all new products to me and I’ve never heard of some of the types of sheet mask before so no idea what to expect with skin benefits. I think I’ll stop buying them now though, I have so many! I should make it a goal to have one a week, maybe I’ll get through all my masks in a few months then. I think I’m most excited about a couple of the sheet masks and the eye gel patches. If they work as well as the ones I’ve tried before they’re a lot cheaper and, as they’re sealed, I can always buy a few tubs and keep them.

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