Goals for 2018


I don’t tend to do New Years resolutions, there’s only so many times I can put learn to drive or get healthier before it feels a bit redundant really, but I do love setting goals. I don’t just do this at the beginning of the year, for me goals are something that I keep updating and altering. If something isn’t achievable then I alter it a bit so it is, or also if something is too easy I might up the goal a bit and see if I can achieve that.

Some of these goals are pretty short term and they’re all pretty all over the place. I guess I find it easiest to write goals when I have a mix of vague and long term and precise or short term goals. The combination means I have different things to focus on and some sort of become passive goals or background noise that just happen when I get into the habit of doing them.

I’m trying not to do too many different goals, I’ve made that mistake in the past, but I think I’ve got them sorted for this year. Here’s my New Years goals, let’s see how many I manage to achieve or stick to!


  • Get a regular blogging schedule. I think I managed this fairly well in the past but I’m aiming for three days a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Be organised enough that I have my blog posts ready in advance. I actually had this for a while last year then it sort of stopped. I guess be organised in general is one but I’m focusing on blogging especially.
  • Get my blogging space sorted. This is one of the short term goals, maybe even the end of January. I’m reorganising my room and I should end up with a desk under a window so natural lighting for photos without direct sun and not just blogging wherever.


I love this notebook and think it’ll become my blogging notebook this year.


  • Get more involved in blogging. I know this past year kind of turned into a blur of one thing after another and I missed reading blogs and keeping up with people so I’m going to put time aside every day to just enjoy blogging as well as the writing side of it.
  • Sort out my blog layout. This has been a goal for the last two years but I finally have an idea for a header and for changes to the theme so I’m setting a time limit of summer for this.


  • Start the diet properly and stick with it. I definitely saw a lot of benefits when I was on the diet and my blood sugar was level after years of up and down so definitely going back to being more strict on this.
  • Go for a walk and do my exercises five times a week. I would say every day but then I don’t always manage it. Of course if I’m not up to it I won’t manage five but it’s an achievable amount I think.


  • Get organised! This goes in every year and I start out well but by September my planner is empty so I’m trying again this year. I plan on finally using all of the notebooks I seem to have gained but left empty over the years to keep things separate and I also have a book for recipes so I’m going to finally get all of the torn out pages from magazines and printouts in one place, either just stick them in or write them out.
  • Read more. Again one that appears every year but I’m setting the target of a book a week, whether I blog about them or not.

I think that should be it. I’m sure that in a few days I’ll think of others I should have included, I’ll have to write them down and then do an update in a few months time for anything I think of and see how I’m doing on these.

Have you guys made any goals or resolutions for this year? I’d love to hear them, reading other people’s always makes me think of more as well. Hope you had a good new year!

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