Lush Boxing Day Haul, Part 1

I think I’m going to be a bit late posting any sale hauls, the few other things I’ve bought haven’t arrived yet and I just haven’t done all that much sale shopping this year! I did, however, manage to get into my local Lush a couple of days after Boxing Day and it wasn’t too manic so I had a look round and bought a couple of gift sets and some other bits I was planning on getting. The reason this is part one of two is because my mum and sister went back and I asked them to get another gift box in the sale for me which has quite a bit more in it so this post would have been very long.

As some of these things may still be available in your local Lush I thought I’d do a mini, one or two line, review for each of the things in the sets as a first impressions. A few I’ve used before so I’ll either link to a review I’ve done or it’ll be more on experience than first impression as I’ve actually used them. Anyway, onto the haul and I hope you enjoy.

First I think I’ll do the individual items I got, one of them is the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, which I reviewed a few weeks ago, and is a bath bomb with a jelly formula mixed in. I do love the Snow Fairy scent and got the 250g bottle of the Snow Fairy Shower Gel too, which I think I’ve got every year since I started buying Lush. I used to get two of the 500g bottles but I’m getting better at not stashing so much, not that you’d guess from this post!

The third and final individual product is a 250g bottle of the Rose Jam Shower Gel. I actually forgot this was a limited edition product this year. It’s a very sweet rose scent but also has a fresh rose smell to it so it’s not too much like the overly sweet Turkish delight scent of a lot of rose products. It’s not a creamy formula but isn’t drying and lathers fairly well, plus makes a good bubble bath.

The first gift set I got was the Seasons Greeting tin set, which I thought I’d get as it has three of my favourite Christmas bath products that I’d been planning on getting anyway. I always love the tins but I never know what to do with them, this tin though is perfect for my Christmas card making things and clears up space in my card making box which makes it doubly good.

The Sherbet Dip Bath Bomb is pure lemon sherbet, it has that fizzy and refreshing scent and makes a very pretty bath.

The Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb is one I’ve reviewed recently and a great winter and autumn scent. It’s a warming spiced scent and I think it’ll be a good one year round for muscles, I kind of wish I’d bought more.

The Snowman Bubbleroon is a light citrusy scent. I think it’s supposed to be the same scent as the snowman jelly and the celebrate bath bomb, but it seems slightly sweeter and more orangey. I haven’t used this one to know if it changes in the bath, though I’ve had a few other snowman scented things in the past.

My Two Front Teeth Bubble Bar is another I’ve reviewed recently and reminds me of old, more complex, Lush scented products. One I wanted to get a couple of as it will do for two baths and has a great scent.

Thundersnow Bath Bomb is apparently from the Lush Summit in early 2017, though I hadn’t heard of it until this December so I guess I’m out of the loop when it couples to Lush. It’s turns the water dark blue with blue bits floating in t which sounds so pretty. It’s another that reminds me of older Lush scents and one in particular but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s a mini cocoa base which made my think of mint chocolate when I read that but it’s neither minty or chocolate to me. It’s a unisex scent and one I’m looking forward too trying.

The Man in the Moon Bubble Bar, from what I’ve read, is supposed to smell like products in the Calacas and Day of the Dead family but I don’t get it when it’s dry. I’d love it if it did smell of that and maybe others in the box have overpowered it, I’ll have to see when I use it, but it’s definitely slightly citrusy rather than the full lime wine gum scent I get from others with the same scent.

The second gift set I got was Jolly Hollydays, this one is a gift box with wrapping paper around it. In general I tend to go for those with reusable boxes but the products inside were ones I wanted to get so I went for it. I will be keeping the wrapping paper felt next year, I just hope I remember where it is when it comes to Christmas!

The Snowman Bubbleroon makes another appearance. He wasn’t one I was planning on buying and stashing but I do like the snowman scent and Bubbleroons do tend to be very bubbly and moisturising.

The Golden Wonder Bath Bomb is an old favourite of mine, I only used my last one from last year not long before Christmas as I try to keep them for special occasions. It has the celebrate and champagne supernova scent (does anyone remember those over golden wonder?). It’s a nice, citrus bubbly scent that’s supposed to smell like Buck’s Fizz, or mimosa if you’re American, not sure what it’s called in the rest of the world.

The 100g Bubbly Shower Gel is a nice size, you get quite a few showers out of it or it works well as bubble bath. It has the same scent as Golden Wonder, and I think the Snowman, and isn’t too drying.

I’m not a huge fan of Lush’s shower creams but I love the scent of the Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream so this 100g bottle is a great size. My main problem is that after the first few uses it just goes to the consistency of water and you lose so much down the drain but such a small bottle it’ll have less waste. It’s very thick at the moment and the scent is pretty much exactly how I remember Ruby Red Slippers smelling, though it says nothing about carnations in this, a slightly spicy floral scent which I love. I just wish it was in a different product type.

I wish I’d found the Golden Pear Soap sooner. It’s so moisturising and the scent is so nice. It’s got a sweet pear base, but like real pear rather than pear drops, with some spices but nothing too strong so it’s a really subtle creamy, spicy, sweet scent. As it’s so moisturising I’m not sure how well it’ll keep so I won’t be stashing it, I can see it drying out, but if it pops up in the future I’ll be getting one.

And this is everything I got on that trip, I bet you’re glad this was a two parter now. I’ll get the second part up tomorrow and it’s the Twelve Days of Christmas gift set. I’ve tried to keep it short but, apart from just listing the products, I don’t think I could have kept the mini reviews much shorter.

Did any of you get anything in the Lush sale? Or the sales in general? What’s your favourite from this year? I’ve only really bought anything from Lush and some clothes so I was pretty good at not spending too much this year.

4 thoughts on “Lush Boxing Day Haul, Part 1

  1. So jealous you have a local Lush! Looks like you got a great haul. I picked up the Christmas Sweater bath bomb last time I was in the UK and whilst I liked the scent, lying in a bright red bath freaked me out a bit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s about half an hour away and hard to park sometimes but worth it for the sales. Haha, yeah the colours for a few seem odd for a bath. The red doesn’t bother me as it’s so bright. There used to be a bubble bar that made it brown! Don’t think that was a very popular colour.

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  2. Wow, you snagged some amazing things!
    The Golden Pear Soap sounds lovely – I just checked the LUSH Canadian site and it’s all gone. Too bad!
    I did not go shopping at all on Boxing Day as it was spent in a car travelling back home. 😛 I did have a look at online deals.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I was surprised there was so much left given how busy it seemed. I don’t think I’ve been shopping to a store on boxing Day for years. We always used to the day after though, now I mainly do online too.


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