It’s Christmas! Blogmas Day 25 and the First Day of Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you’re having a good day and enjoying yourself whether you celebrate Christmas or not. As it’s the last day of the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty Advent Calendar and the official first day of Christmas it’s the last day of Blogmas. Not that my Blogmas went as I was expecting, December has definitely been more hectic than I expected it to be so I didn’t do the same posts I was expecting. Today’s gift in the advent calendar is a makeup bag. It’s not one I can find on their website but as their makeup bags are £12 in general I’m going to stick with that as the value they’ve put in this one, not sure if it would be.

The first day of Christmas from my Twelve Days of Ciate London Calendar is a liquid lipstick. I love the look of this calendar in general and I’ve wanted to try the Ciate makeup after loving their nail varnishes for years so couldn’t resist it when it was on offer. The liquid lipstick is a Liquid Velvet Liquid Lipstick in the colour Oh Honey! The full sized version is £17 normally on their website (currently on sale for £13.60) and is part of the new nudes range. This mini size is 2ml to the 6.7ml of a standard one which means it has around £4 of product in it. These minis are always enough for me in liquid lipsticks anyway and I can see this one lasting well.

I have to admit that the makeup bag in the last day of the advent calendar was slightly disappointing. I knew it was coming, it was the only area big enough for one and I knew it was on the list before I bought it, but I’d still have rather had some of the other products for a Christmas gift. I guess it’s because I already have more than e laugh makeup bags, I’ve given away and thrown away quite a few this year that were just sitting in my cupboard. It’s a nice design with the white background and red polka dots and ‘my favourite things’ written on it but it’s nothing special. I might use it but it’s not as big as my toiletries bag for travel and doesn’t have the brush holders of my current makeup bag so it’ll probably be given away to someone I know or a charity shop if they’d have it.

I really like the colour of the Liquid Velvet Liquid Lipstick from Ciate. Oh Honey! is a rust brown, that’s the official description and I’m going with it, so it’s a mid tone orange based brown. It’s nothing that adds any darkness or light too my lips but changes the colour and I’ve worn it today and had a couple of comments on it so it’s obviously a decent colour on me. The formula is quite thick and dry8g, it’s close to the lip lingerie from NYX rather than the more liquid formulas I prefer but it does cover my lips well. It’s just one of those ones that shows up any dry patches a lot so I’ll have to make sure my lips are in good condition to use it.

The packaging is nice, I do like the fonts they use which may sound odd but after studying graphic design I do love a good font. It also stands out well on the tube and the fact it’s clear mans you know exactly what the colour is. Also this particular one doesn’t change colour wise when it dries which makes it easy to know you don’t have to allow for it to go two shades darker when it’s set. The doe foot applicator is a very stiff one which doesn’t move at all really, though this does mean it gets into any cracks with the thicker formula so it works for this one.

Overall a bit of a mixed bag today, not sure about the makeup bag but the liquid lipstick has got me excited to try the others coming up. I’ll be doing these twelve days of Christmas gifts one a day until they’re finished. I was t sure if I’d do them leading up to Christmas but as these are the twelve days of Christmas I thought I’d go with that, plus it means more presents to open after today!

I hope you’re all having a good Christmas holiday, whether you celebrate it or not, and the weather isn’t too bad where you are.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Yes I k ow that’s from the night before Christmas but I kind of love it and it works for today too right? 😄

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