Review: Lush My Two Front Teeth Limited Edition Bubble Bar’

It’s the last bath before Christmas for me so I wanted to use one of the Lush Christmas limited edition products to see if it was worth stashing if there’s any in the sale. The My Two Front Teeth Bubble Bar (£3.95) is one of those I wasn’t sure of in my original post when I first bought it so I wanted to see which side it fell on. It’s definitely one of the more unusual scents of the ones I picked up this Christmas and more of an old style Lush smell with odd combinations and layers of scent.

This isn’t available online at the moment, I think they’ve taken all the Christmas stock down to redistribute between stores and the online store ready for the sales, so you can’t get it but I imagine there will be some in the sale when it starts. That is if you can get in, last year I was in the waiting list for hours. It’s a fairly small bubble bar but you could get two baths out of this going by the bubbles. The scent isn’t the strongest so it may be one you’d choose to use all in one, I did for a Christmas treat as I never use a whole bubble bar in one bath.

I really like the design of this bubble bar, it’s obvious what it is and is a nod to a christmas song without it being out and out Christmas so you could give it for any occasion really if you thought someone would like the scent. The colours have run a bit in storage but nothing too much. It is one to be careful what you store it next to, the ballistic it was up against now has a bright pink mark on it and the box it was in does too so it can stain things. Size wise it isn’t that big but it breaks into two easily and it’s enough for two baths.

The bubbles for this are really nice and there’s a lot of them! I did use the whole thing but half would be enough for a nice bubbly bath. They lasted the 45 minutes of the bath and were still going strong when the bath was empty. The bubble bar does also turn the water a nice pinky purple colour, not that you can see it once the bubbles have really got going but it’s definitely pretty. I also think this is one of the good formula of bubble bars Lush does that has soft bubbles and left my skin feeling nice. It doesn’t feel overly moisturised but it didn’t need a ton of moisturiser on it as soon as I got out of the bath.

The only down side with this product for me is the scent, or rather the scent strength. The scent is one of the more unusual ones. It really does remind me of something medicinal, very green and maybe some celery or fennel in there which I don’t remember being in the description. If you like old, more complex, Lush scents this might be one to try, not for fans of single note bath products. The scent is nice enough but the strength of it left a lot to be desired. When I first got it it was overpowered by the others in the box and now it was almost non existent. I had to really try to smell it and the minute I used shower gel that overpowered the bubble bar scent.

I think this might be one I’d give another go and plan on getting and using up very fast. I did like the scent, the little that there was, and it did leave my skin feeling nice so it would work well with a less bubbly but more scented shower gel to get a really bubbly bubble bath if the scent was this disappointing again. This one I’m still on the fence about but scent wise I like it, I won’t be avoiding it and it’s not one that would put me off getting a gift at a great price like some do, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re undecided between this and another you like the sound of.

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