Blogmas Day 23: Lush Tree D Bath Oil Review and Advent

Todays post may turn out to be a bit shorter than normal as neither of the parts is as long as I thought they’d be. I originally planned on doing a whole post to review the Lush Tree D Bath Oil but I really couldn’t think of enough to say about it. It’s definitely disappointing so I wanted to get this post up before the sales start as it might be one people are tempted by. I’ll go into more detail in the post if you want the full review but the short version is it just isn’t worth the money. Unless I have a dud but the ones I’ve seen in store seemed the same.

The second part is more positive and it’s the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty Advent Calendar gift for today; the Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream from Marks and Spencer’s Beauty. I haven’t really tried this one out properly, it’s a night cream and it’s today’s gift so no chance really, but also apparently I got this exact tube last year. It’s a 15ml tube as the mini and a full sized jar 50ml costs £22 so this tube is worth £6.60 I think. I will try it tonight and put my first impressions (or is that second given I did that last year too) in this post anyway.

I’ll do the Lush review first, though there isn’t too much to say. When I first got the Tree D solid bath oil I was a bit underwhelmed by the scent, though I gave it the benefit of the doubt as it was in a package with some strongly scented product. I tried it first a week or so after I bought it, there was little to no scent and it had already started to fade and dry out so it was shrinking in on itself. I thought I’d give it a second chance but forgot about it until the other day and it’s shrunk even more, had trouble melting and the scent was completely gone.

To get it to melt I had to actually just use hot water from the tap in a cup and put the melt in, it would have been way too hot for me as a bath like that but my bath water, which normally works fine for melts, wasn’t hot enough. I think it partly needed rehydrating too.

The thing I like about a lot of Lush products is, even if it’s meant for one bath, you can often use them over two or three so the cost is more acceptable to me. This one was designed for two baths and yet I had to add a bath bomb to get any benefits.

As it’s an oil it’s not exactly surprising it left the bath a bit of an oily mess when I let the water out and I had to wipe around with hot water and a shower puff to get it off but it didn’t really feel like it had any benefits on my skin. I just felt like I needed a shower afterwards, though I left it to see if it would sink in and it did seem to after a while but it just felt like a layer on my skin for at least half an hour.

I feel bad putting such a negative review about something, I just was so disappointed with it, even when it was relatively fresh. I guess it goes to show that this is definitely not a stashing product. If you do want one then get it and use it within a week if possible. I have a feeling that anything bought in the sale won’t be made in the week before it as it’s old stock they didn’t sell before Christmas so, to be honest, it may be best not to get one in the sale. I know all Lush products are meant to be used fresh but I think a lot of people shopping in the sales don’t plan on using it all in a week.

Have any of you tried this? Did you find it worked better for you than me? Did I happen to get a duff batch? I’m kind of hoping that’s the case and that someone reading this had a great Tree D and can prove me wrong as it’s a great idea and I loved the look of it online and when it got here it looked ok too.

Onto the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream and here’s the old post on it if you want to read a bit more on it. It seems to be exactly the same formula and does feel nice on my skin. I applied it to part of my arm earlier in the day and my skin feels smooth and there’s no greasiness to it so it’s a light night cream.

It’s slightly more expensive than I’ve often spent on skin care but I’ve recently found some of the more expensive products work better for me so maybe I’ll give this another go. I guess it didn’t do that well last time as I really don’t remember it but my skin has changed this past year and I’ll give it a proper try.

It’s hypoallergenic, cruelty free and paraben free which is good for people with sensitive skin. It does definitely have a slightly perfumed smell, something fresh but slightly floral and it really does smell like a Marks and Spencer’s store to me, which feels like an odd thing to say. There’s the perfumed scent and a hint of something that reminds me of new clothes. Again, that feels like an odd way to describe a skin care product but it’s really does make me think of shopping there.

Not the most successful post today but I’d be interested to hear from any of you about the Lush solid bath oil. Anyway, I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow! Where did 2017 go?

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