Blogmas Day 22: Advent and Finally Organising My Makeup Storage

I’m never sure whether to class makeup primers as makeup or skin care, it’s sort of the step between the two, but it seems like this primer is also a moisturiser which is great if you have dry skin. The Autograph Hydrating Confidence Boost Primer is today’s gift from the Marks and Spencer’s beauty advent calendar so now you pretty much have the whole routine for pre makeup prep in mini sizes from this calendar. The full sized 30ml tube is £12.50 meaning this 15ml mini one is worth £6.75, so sort of mid range when it comes to price, and it’s cruelty free and vegan and vegetarian friendly.

It’s been a bit of a long project, or rather it’s been an on and off project, since I got the drawers for in my wardrobe to store my beauty things but it’s finally finished and I have my makeup drawer all organised. I’ve been thinking of doing a bit of a post on what I have and how I store it but not sure if anyone would be interested. It’s definitely not a big collection, it all fits in the one drawer, after my various destashing sessions throughout the year and probably half of it is eyeshadow palettes so not a huge variety in there either. Would anyone be interested in that?

I do like makeup primers, though my current foundation is one where you mis the primer/mixing medium with the loose powder foundation and I love the effect so I don’t really need a second primer step. When I use my liquid foundation it’d be good to have different ones to try under it. I quite like these tubes, they’re nothing special looks wise but it’s that good quality but soft plastic that means you get a lot of the product out without any problems when it comes to the end and they’re easy to cut so you can get the last drops out of it. I always do that, if I’ve paid for it I’m going to use it! And so much can get left in some of these containers.

This primer almost doesn’t feel like a primer, it feels more like a moisturiser or lotion when you apply it on your skin. It also smells a lot like a generic moisturiser scent, though you have to really want to smell it to get any hint of scent, as in nose pressed right up against my hand. It looks like a thin gel and spreads very easily, I had a lot more than I needed today, so it’s a thin layer. I hate the way you can sometimes feel a layer on your skin with some thicker primers but this one just sinks in. You don’t get the soft, smooth, almost powdery feeling you get on some primers, it does really feel like a lotion, maybe slightly tacky to hold the makeup but not much.

I haven’t really given it a try as a primer so will have to try different foundations and see how it works but it does feel nice on my skin and it definitely feels more hydrating than a lot of primers. I don’t think this would be good for oily skin types but dry skin definitely and maybe combination, it all depends on the variation in your skin. My skin is acne prone and sensitive despite being dry to very dry and this doesn’t feel like it’ll give me problems acne wise and no reaction all today.

Over the past year I’ve been destashing gradually and my makeup has pretty much halved, though I could probably get rid of a bite more and I’ll gain some bits over Christmas. I’ve wanted to replace the old drawer unit in the bottom of my wardrobe as it was a cheap plastic one that was bowing with the drawers not really closing properly. I think it’s a couple of months ago now I bought the drawer unit from Argos for £50 and I love it. It does remind me of the Alex drawers everyone seems to have from Ikea but it’s three slightly taller drawers, they’re still small but I like the size and shape.

The top drawer is spare skin care, all my hair care things and odd bits and bobs, the second drawer has nail varnish and perfume and the bottom drawer fits all of my makeup. It’s still a bit of a mess and I want to get my nail varnish down to one layer rather than the two but I think as I use it more I’ll know what I really use and the best way to organise the individual drawers. It also means I have two empty drawers in the rest of my room that I didn’t before and might be able to get rid of a three drawer unit in my room when I do a bit of a reshuffle with that.

I’m feeling quite accomplished with this, though it’s taken way longer than I intended it’s always nice to see a plan finally complete. When the drawers arrived and I’d put them up I was a bit worried they’d be too small but, even if it’s a bit of a squash at the moment, it all fitted in well. Don’t you just love it when things work out like that?

Also I can’t believe it’s Christmas after the weekend. Did my present wrapping today and have a few left to do tomorrow but feeling more festive now! Have you got anything left to do or are you all organised? I always say I’ll do better next year and start shopping in September but there’s always something I haven’t got a week before Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 22: Advent and Finally Organising My Makeup Storage

    1. Thanks, I might to a post on it soon, though it did grow a bit over Christmas again! My stash has never been huge, it took up two drawers before with the odd thing stashed around the place too but they always add up when you get them in one place. I’m so bad at keeping things that are beyond their best and got rid of so many lip and liquid products just because of that. I still haven’t managed to bring myself to get rid of my palettes, they’re like a mini Sleek palette collection 😆 I think last year I did four lots of decluttering so it just got a bit less each time.


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