Review: Lush Limited Edition Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb

I feel like I bought the Lush Christmas products ages ago and I haven’t got round to trying half of them yet and they’re already going to be disappearing soon! If you’ve ever been into a Lush store around Christmas time you probably know about Snow Fairy. It’s a staple that comes back each year and, despite the name, doesn’t really have that much to do it’s Christmas scents to me. It seems to be one you either love or hate and it’s pretty much how I imagine the colour pink would smell if colours had a scent.

There’s a range of different products in the Snow Fairy scent range and this year they’ve brought out one of their new products, the jelly bombs, in the range. These are a new product this year and I’ve previously tried the Ectoplasm one from the Halloween range and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that one. Maybe it’s just me but there seems to be quite a difference between the two products to me and they’re supposed to be the same with a different scent. Has anyone else found that with the jelly bombs? They’re a fair sized bath product and, if you don’t mind missing out on the layers effect, they could easily do two baths. They cost £4.95 each but if you do manage to get two baths out of it it isn’t too bad price wise.

Next to a 250g bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel

As I said this is a big bath bomb as you can see it next to the 250g bottle of shower gel, it has some weight to it, but they seem to be fairly fragile with bits getting knocked off the outside. I’d also say from one of the originals I bought and am yet to try the jelly bombs don’t seem to be great ones to stash as that one is cracking and has chunks that have fallen loose so it’s a buy it and use it soon product. This is probably how most people use them anyway but I like to stash some scents and it’s good to know if they’ll last rather than being disappointed when it comes time to use them.

It goes well with all of the Snow Fairy products with the bright pink and white design. The whole thing seems to be the jelly formula as there were no obvious layers when it came to bath bomb formula and the new jelly one. The jelly this time seemed to turn into the texture of soggy eco flo rather than anything really resembling actual jelly. It was more slimy than the Ectoplasm one but it didn’t have any chunks floating round and pretty much just dissolved like a normal bath bomb.

The scent for Snow Fairy is probably one you’ll know if you’ve been to Lush this time of year but it’s a very sweet bubblegum scent. It’s not pure bubblegum but has some sort of pink berry artificial scent that reminds me of some of those kids cough medicines designed to get them to take it without complaining. As I said before it’s not everyone cup of tea and not really one of those safe smells you can buy for someone you don’t really know but the scent seems to be popular and I know I like it despite not normally being a fan of super sweet smells.

After the bath I can say that I found this jelly bomb had any benefits for my skin over any standard bath bomb. The seaweed jelly formula is supposed to soften your skin and make it feel moisturised apparently but I didn’t really get that. It didn’t dry my skin out though which is a positive as some bath bombs have that effect, especially the more artificial smelling ones.

I can’t say that this is one of those products I’ll be running out and buying three in the sales. It’s nice enough but I’d rather buy a bottle of the shower gel and use it as bubble bath for a few baths than buy this.

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