Blogmas Day 21: Advent and Christmas Nails

Today’s Blogmas is half advent and half Nails. I meant to do more posts like this throughout December but it’s been more hectic than I expected and it’s only just now I’ve got the energy and time to do more than a quick review! Today’s advent gift from the Marks and Spencer’s beauty calendar is a Rose Otto Face Oil from Balance Me, a company I’ve heard of but never had anything from. The full sized version is 30ml and comes in a glass bottle with a dropper for £32 so this 10ml roll on version is worth around £11. As with any skin care to get a proper idea of how it works you need to use it longer term than one day but I’ll give my first impressions anyway.

The Wax Tart today in the Twelve Scents of Christmas gift set (£15) from Seasonal Scents Shop is the Spiced Orange scent, a standard for Christmas and one of my favourites. I love how waxy tarts can be mix and match to make cocktails of scent but you do need a wax burner for them. They’re available a lot of places for pretty cheap so it’s not hard to find if you feel like trying them.

I do love nail art, I just haven’t really done as much of it this year as I have for various reasons but I felt like going with a snowflake theme as it had snowed earlier in the week when I did them. I also know I like this look as I did it last year but nothing wrong wit going back to a design you love, I do it all the time.

Spiced Orange is one of those quintessentially Christmas scents to me, it just makes me think of nights warm in from of the fire with a blanket and a Christmas movie. I’m not sure why, it’s not a scent we had when I was little or anything but it does. I love the extra touch of the dried orange piece on the top, I wonder if it’ll sort of rehydrate when the wax melts and it’s sat in it. The scent itself is nice and spiced, though it’s a pretty sweet scent rather than a fresh orange base to me which I prefer but it’s still a great warming smell. I have some orangey Yankee candle tea lights I’ll probably burn at the same time, they’d make a great combination I think.

These wax tarts I’ve tried so far have decent throw, some more than others and I’d say this is mid range, but they do last for at least six hours, I haven’t burnt any longer than that and they still have decent scent left in them. As well as being available in the set you can choose these individual scents for £1.25 each.

Balance Me is a company that uses natural ingredients and this Rose Otto Face Oil is both vegan and vegetarian friendly. I’ve had Rose Otto products in the past from another company that were heavier and too rich for my skin but this face oil feels light and I don’t get the oily feeling or like there’s a film on my skin like previous ones have. It says to use two or three drops after cleansing and before moisturising but I’m not sure how you’d measure that in this rollerball, I’m guessing roll some on your fingers and warm it up before applying it.

I quite like the rollerball style, it’d be a good one for travel as it’s a secure twist on lid and it won’t accidentally spill everywhere even if the lid did come off. The full sized bottle does look nice, there’s something luxurious about a slightly frosted glass bottle with a dropper to me, and would fit in with pretty much any bathroom if you wanted to keep it out on the side.

The scent of this face oil is rose as the name suggests but a green, fresh petals, kind of smell rather than an artificial rose. It’s a nice scent and doesn’t linger too long but it does say it isn’t tested for sensitive skin so I’m not sure it’d be suitable for people with sensitivities to scented products. I’m definitely interested to see how this works in the longer term and on my face but my hand does feel nice after using it today. I’m not sure I’d repurchase because of the price but if it turned out to help my skin a lot then I might, especially as I’m on the last bottle of my favourite moisturiser serum mix and that is way out of my price range so any alternatives that are cheaper are always good.

These are my Christmas nails, or rather hopefully my Christmas nails as I did them nearly a week ago so I’m hoping they manage to last! Two f my nails broke (my right index finger and left thumb if you’re interested) so I tried a couple of fake nails for the first time ever. I’m not used to the amount of glue needed so they’ve both already fallen off a couple of times but it seems like it’s trial and error and I’m really happy with how they don’t look too obviously fake next to my natural nails.

I went with a snowflake design using Red Carpet Manicure’s Aquamarine as the base colour. I did try doing a white base under it to start with on my left hand but decided it didn’t need it for the right and I can’t really tell a difference. The nail art itself is done with Rio Professional Nail Art Pens from a set I’ve had for a while in white and light blue. It’s the neon set they come from but I can only find it on eBay now if you want them. I do love them and have a review of them here if you want to see the other colours too.

I’m liking the nails so far and crossing my fingers they last the weekend, hopefully next week too, I know this colour has in the past. Do you guys do any festive nail art this time of year? I think I’ve normally ended up with plain ones on Christmas Day

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