Review: Pixi LipLift Max in Honey Sheen (Blogmas Day 20)

I use the Pixi Glow Tonic every day in my skincare routine but I haven’t really tried their makeup range yet so I’m happy that today’s gift in the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty Advent Calendar is one of their lip glosses. It’s the LipLift Max in the shade Honey Sheen, it’s a peachy gold, maybe rose gold but more peach, with shimmer including some bits which look almost holographic in the light. It’s a plumping lip gloss so the cover is sheer and it should plump your lips as well as make them glossy looking.

This tube is 1g but seems like pretty much a mini version of the full sized one with the doe foot applicator. This is available in a full sized tube of 2.7g for £12 in three different colours. They’re all sheer glosses so I think it’s just the colour of the shimmer that makes them different really. As I’ve been using this gloss today this is probably going to be a bit more of a review than some of the others as it’s an I stand impact kind of product rather than one that needs to be used long term for the effects.

I like the look of Pixi products, the pale green makes it stand out amongst other brands and you can see the product through the clear plastic portion so you k ow what you’re getting. The branding doesn’t really stand out against the colour of this particular gloss but it’s not a big deal. The doe foot applicator on this is pretty firm, not really flexible, but it’s got a good fuzzy sort of look that holds plenty of product. This is the kind of product where it doesn’t matter how much you put on as it doesn’t really dry down but one coat is enough for a glossy look with this applicator.

The lip gloss itself is fairly thin and doesn’t feel all goopy when you apply it so it goes on in a nice layer without leaving your lips feeling like they’re sticking together. It is a gloss so it does have a certain amount of stickiness but not as much as a lot I’ve tried. Also being a gloss it doesn’t have the longest staying power, though I did find that an hour on after drinking it was still visible. Whenever I wear a gloss I expect to have to reapply it after eating or drinking so it’s decent as far as that goes.

Maybe it’s me but I never find that any plumping gloss, even the extra strong ones, seem to have any visible effect on my lips. There’s often that puffy tingly feeling of your lips being bigger than they are but nothing to see with it. This one is no different, though the tingling on this is more the cool tingle of mint rather than the more extreme tingle of others like the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker ones. I’d say if you find them too extreme this might be a gentler one with the plumping effects claim, or as one to try and see if you like how they feel.

The plumping effects may not happen but I do think this gloss has helped to moisturise my lips more than a lot do. It probably has a similar effect to cheaper lip balms in that way; there’s some moisturising going on but it’s nothing that lasts very long term, just a couple of hours after the obvious glossiness has gone.

I do like the colour of this one, it’s got the warmth of a coppery colour but more subtle and the fact it’s a gloss rather than full lip colour makes it less extreme. It’s definitely wearable and I can see it working for any skin tone but I think it’ll look amazing on tanned skin or darker skin tones, especially in the summer.

Overall this is a nice gloss, not sure it’s worth £12 when you can get others that work in a similar way for half the price, or close to it. It’s a nice colour and I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of it but not one I’d be rushing out to buy. My lips do feel nice afterwards but I’d rather use a balm that I’ve bought especially for it rather than buying a gloss for that. If you want a cruelty free lip gloss that might plump you lips (maybe mine just don’t plump as I know people who swear by others I’ve tried) and this is within your budget then I say it’s a good place to start for a gentler plumping feeling.

Have any of you tried this? Or any Pixi makeup products you’d recommend I try? I’m definitely interested in giving them a go and with the Boxing Day sales coming up it’d be good to know if there’s anything to keep my eye out for.

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