Blogmas Day 19!

I almost bought more advent calendars today. Yes I know it’s half way through, or rather nearly the end of, advent but they had the Mini Mani Month from Ciate in TK Maxx for £17! I resisted as I’m trying to reduce my nail varnish stash if anything but if you’re on the lookout for a quick way to have an instant nail varnish collection then see if you can find one near you. I think this year it’s 23 minis and a full sized nail varnish but they often have toppers like the nail caviar or glitter and you’re almost guaranteed at least one day where it’s accessories like nail files so it’s more like 20 mini nail varnishes and one full sized. I did manage to get a bargain Stila liquid lipstick set though so I’ll try and post a first impressions of that soon in case they sell out. They’re currently selling quite a bit of Stila in the one near me but this set was £7.99 instead of a (supposed) RRP of £40.

Anyway, onto today’s Marks and Spencer’s Beauty Advent calendar gift, and the Mini Mani Month is surprisingly on topic with this gift being another nail varnish. I do like nail varnishes but this Leighton Denny Star Dust is not one I’m that excited to get. It’s a holographic glitter to add to my collection of holographic glitters, I’m sure I have had at least ten of these in various gifts over the years, so it’ll probably be passed on to someone else. I can’t find this exact colour anywhere except eBay but the standard 12 ml bottles like this are £12 in most places so I’m going to guess at that being the value of this bottle.

I like the look of the Leighton Denny nail varnishes, they’re clean looking and so easy to store with the square bottles. The lids do have a tendency to get stuck for me as they’re not the grippiest lids to open and I’ve had a couple that end up with marks on the lids from using pliers or tools to get any real grip on them.

The brush on this is a pretty standard brush, it’s one of the thinner style like nail varnishes used to always have. I prefer the flatter, wider ones that a lot of companies have been going with recently. It does cover the nail well and the material doesn’t grip the glitter particles too much which I sometimes find is a problem with these glitter nail varnishes so you get the glitter on the nails rather than a lot of it ending up sticking to the brush and just leaving the clear base on the nails.

The glitter in this is pretty dense, there’s a large amount of the glitter in the clear base and I’ve found with the little bit I tried there’s no problem with patches without glitter and it spreads evenly. It dries pretty quickly and so far seems like it’ll be good, at least it feels like it’ll last well. It does feel slightly gritty so I’d use a top coat but as it’s a thin formula I can see this sticking well.

Why is it that holographic glitter in particular has to be blurry to really pick up on camera how much there is and the colour change? I hope this photo shows the density of the glitter well but you can see there’s a lot and it’s small particles so you get good coverage.

As I said this isn’t one of the gifts that I’m most excited about. It’s a nice enough holographic glitter but I already have so many of them I just don’t need any more. I don’t even know if this is available separately to recommend it but if their other glitter formulas are the same then it seems promising for some of the other colour glitters. One thing I love about Leighton Denny is that they’re a cruelty free nail varnish brand, something that I recently found out a couple of my favourite companies aren’t so I’m definitely going to consider them when it comes to nail varnishes in the future.

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