Blogmas Day 18!

Today’s advent calendar present in the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty Advent Calendar may be more skin care but it’s one of the products I’m actually excited to try. It’s not for your face, it’s the Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion which claims to help smooth and naturally exfoliate your skin in a lotion. To be honest until now I’ve never heard of this company but having read up a bit on the product itself I am definitely going to be giving this one a proper go and maybe getting the full sized version to keep it going properly. Another positive for this product is that Ameliorate don’t test on animals, which seems rare with a lot of these more scientific seeming skin care products, or the ones I’ve found anyway.

This is the 50ml tube of Transforming Body Lotion, which is available in both 100ml (£14.50) or 200ml (£22.50) so this is a mini trial version. It says to see the effects you have to apply it twice a day for four weeks and then once a day afterwards. I can see this lasting a couple of weeks if I try it on my legs but not the full four so I’ll see how well it does and maybe get the full sized bone to give it a proper go. It’s supposed to resurface your skin using lactic acid which encourages the skin’s natural process for removing dead skin cells. It’ll be interesting to see if it works as my skin could definitely do with some help in that.

I think this is just a mini version of the same tube you get with the full sized product and I do like the look of it. Or rather it’s fairly plain and seems almost medicinal looking to me with the aqua and silver on it which does give me the feel of something that should be more scientific and functional more than some fancy creams. I know that’s all psychological but I also think it’s the kind of tube that won’t look out of place in any bathroom really if you did decide to keep it out on the side. It’s a nice soft plastic so it’s easy to get the lotion out and it’ll be one that isn’t hard to cut open to get the last out which I always do with these.

The lotion itself is thinner than I was expecting, it doesn’t need much to cover quite a large area which was a nice surprise given how often you’re meant to use it and the price, so maybe this tube will last longer than I thought. It sinks in quickly, I don’t think it’s one that will leave a residue or oily feeling even when you use it on a larger area than I have been trying today as it’s so light. It’s not one that I can see having much of a deep penetration as a moisturiser as it is so light but the formula might mean it goes deeper than you expect or is longer lasting than I thought.

The scent of this lotion is light as well, it’s somewhere between a light powdery sort of smell and a cream that we used to have that was a prescription one for eczema. It’s not a smell that lingers, maybe ten minutes after applying it I couldn’t smell it even when I was trying to so it’s not going to clash with perfumes which is good for something you’re supposed to apply during the day as well as at night to start with. However, it’s also available in fragrance free (£22.50 for 200ml) which would mean no scent to clash but it would also be better if you have any sensitivity to perfumed products.

As my skin is dry I tend to go for more body butter style moisturisers, though I have found a lighter one that I love so I know thickness doesn’t mean better hydration. The AHA in it is supposed to help with natural exfoliation processes which I think will be great for my legs as they need exfoliating a lot but scrubs are often too scrubby for my sensitive skin. It’s a bit like the same method of exfoliation as the Pixi Glow Tonic I use on my face.

I am hoping that this lotion works for me, I am definitely going to be giving it a proper try even beyond this tube if it looks promising from this trial. It feels nice and light and I didn’t have a reaction to it but I can see it being a problem if you have a sensitivity to products containing acids as it has the same, or similar, acid to the Alpha H Liquid Gold with AHA in it. It’s definitely more dilute but it warns you not to go out in the sun without protection when using it so it will have an effect on skin sensitivity.

I think this is a fairly new product, have any of you seen this before or tried it? I’ve not seen anything about it but it’d be interesting to know how people have got on with it.

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