Blogmas Day 17!

Day 17 of the advent calendar and yet more skin care in the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty Advent Calendar. I’m going to keep everything from this in a box and sort them into groups when this advent calendar is finished so I can compare how much there is in each category. So far skin care is probably way in the lead and I’m surprised at how little makeup there is for a beauty advent calendar.

Today’s gift is from Ren and is the Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot. When I first opened it I was expecting some kind of firming face mask but it seems like it’s a serum style product that you apply between cleansing and moisturising and has an oil like feel to it. This tube is 10ml and the full sized one costs £36 for the 30ml so this is worth around £12 but I can see it lasting a long time given that the instructions say use two or three drops each use. Ren as a company are cruelty free, though owned by Unilever, and this particular product is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians as well.

I’m loving the sizes of the products given in the advent Beauty calendar, they’re big enough to give the product a proper try. The only unfortunate thing for the Ren Instant Firming Beauty Shot is that it’s designed to be used in drops which is very hard to measure out in these squeeze tubes. The full sized one comes in a bottle with a dropper, it looks like a glass bottle from the pictures, which would be so much easier to use. With this mini sized one I’ve found it very hard to not get too much product and you have to open it with the hole pointing up or the pressure seems to mean you get a lot more than you want on your hand.

The product itself is like a very light oil. It spreads evenly and sinks in fairly quickly but not so fast that it’s a race to get it over your face. The small amount it says to use seems right for covering your whole face as a little does go a long way. I haven’t tried applying it after makeup, as it says you can throughout the day, but I can see it sinking in without messing up foundation coverage quite well.

I’ve only been trying this today but so far I’m pretty impressed with it. It sank in quickly and did leave my skin feeling smoother and slit lay softer without an oily film or feeling too hydrated so it went over the top with moisturiser. I ended up using less than I normally would with my everyday moisturiser so it helps in making that last longer too. I don’t see myself getting any breakouts with this, it doesn’t have the oily feeling I tend to have when I can tell a product will have that effect, but it’s early days.

There’s a bit of a scent of roses with this, it seems a popular skin care scent, but nothing overpowering and it has the light slightly green scent of real rose petals picked from the garden rather than the more perfumed smell of synthetic rose or rose water. I don’t see this scent being strong enough to put people off and it does smell natural so I don’t think it would affect people with sensitivities to perfumed product but worth testing on your skin anyway.

I’m not sure this is one of those products I’ll be running out to buy but it’s nice to try and it’s in the maybe pile as far as repurchasing goes. The only thing really putting me off is the price, it’s outside my normal budget for skin care products, but if it makes my favourite moisturiser last longer then it would be worth it since I can’t find that in a sale anywhere at the moment and full price for that is way more than this costs. I’ll keep trying it and see how I feel when it runs out and how long it lasts.

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