Blogmas Day 16!

I don’t think we’ve had any hair products yet this year in the Marks and Spencer’s beauty advent calendar, there’s normally a couple so this’ll be the first. It’s the Percy and Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray which seems to be a fine mist, slightly less extreme hair spray that has a gentle hold and doesn’t have that look of a hair spray when it’s in your hair. A full sized can is £12 for 100ml so this 50ml travel sized spray is worth £6 and is a great size for in your handbag. I will admit I don’t use much hairspray but it’ll be interesting to try. Also, this is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

The wax tart from the Scented Seasons Shop on Etsy is the Christmas Cookie scent. This is a staple for most companies around Christmas and not one of my favourite scents, or a huge fan of overly sweet or bakery scents, but it’s often a good scent to mix in with some sharp so sweeten it up a bit and change the scent. This is part of the Twelve Scents of Christmas set which costs £15 but is also available individually for £1.25 if you want to pick individual scents.

As I said I’m not a huge fan of Christmas Cookie scents but I do like to mix them. This is definitely more on the bakery side rather than the almost pure sugar some of these are, and really reminds me of a buttery biscuit like shortbread. It does smell nice enough to eat but not a scent I want for my room. However, being a wax tart, it can be cut up and melted with others as a sort of mix and match or to make recipes with these so it could make a great cranberry pie type smell with the cranberry wax tart the other day.

I’ve had a couple of hair things from Percy and Reed and, although they’ve never become favourites that I repurchase, they’re pretty good and tend to do what they say. The Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray says it’s a fine mist that is humidity proof so will be good for hot days I think or heated rooms more than full on winter weather. I think it’s a medium hold rather than extreme hold hair spray but that’s often enough for me. It doesn’t have the standard hair spray smell, though this may be I’m missing it as I have a bit of a cold coming on, and doesn’t really have any strong scent at all that I can pick up.

The main thing that makes this stand out to me is the spray itself, the top is a bit different to a lot of hairsprays I’ve tried over the years in that it’s sort of hinged on one side and it’s a lot more comfortable to press down on as it’s covering pretty much the whole of the top of the spray bottle. It also does come out in a fine spray, it looks more like a fine mist of water than hairspray, and feels less tacky than most hairsprays if it lands on something.

I’m not a hugs fan of hairspray, as my hair’s short I mainly use waxes and similar products, but I’m definitely going to give this a go. The fact that it is vegan and vegetarian so I’m assuming cruelty free is definitely something I look for as most other hairsprays I’ve had samples of haven’t been cruelty free. Will have to try it and report back. Have any of you tried this before?

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