Blogmas Day 15!

Today I got one of the sweeter wax tarts, I do love gingerbread around this time of year and, although I’m not normally a fan of bakery scents gingerbread is one that I quite enjoy sometimes. It’s the Warm Gingerbread wax tart from the Scented Seasons Shop Twelve Scents of Christmas set from Etsy and I’m just picking them out at random to make my own kind of advent calendar. The full set costs £15 for the twelve or you can choose the scents individually for £1.25.

I haven’t had much makeup this year in the Marks and Spencer’s beauty advent calendar and today we got some more, though it’s a second mascara in the form of the Diego Dalla Palma Ciglione Mascara. To be honest I’d prefer a bit more variety and to have got something else Makeup today rather than a second mascara but it’s not one I’ve tried before. It seems to be one of those mascaras claiming to do everything, it says it’s a 5-in-1, so it’ll be interesting to try. This is a full sized product and these are worth £17.50 so it’ll be interesting to see if it works better than my standard mascara given that it’s more expensive.

As I said I’m not Normally a fan of bakery scents but gingerbread is nice around this time of year as it’s such a warming scent to me and is just a classic Christmas smell. This wax tart version is the Warm Gingerbread so it’s not just plain Gingerbread and the smell really reminds me of lebkuchen, if you’ve smelled it. It’s a German gingerbread kind of cake with warming spices in it too and I really like the taste of it. I have to say that this is a bit sweet for me scent wise to have in my room but, as it’s a wax tart, I can use bits of it with others and I think it’ll mix really well with some of the other Christmas scents that are less sweet.

I love how you can dot this and mix and match wax tarts, though if you haven’t had them before you do need a wax or oil burner to melt them on which makes them slightly less convenient than a candle which can be anywhere. These are available with tea lights underneath, the more traditional ones, which are cheaper and easy to find. I prefer the electric ones as there’s no open flame, no need to check that the candle is still going and it’s a more constant temperature.

I guess you can never have too many black mascaras as they’re one of those makeup items that I do actually replace when it says to, though often they’ve dried up before then anyway with cheaper ones I’ve tried in the Diego Dalla Palma make is one I’ve had before in a previous advent calendar and I wasn’t that impressed but that was a lipstick and I don’t find many of them I like anyway. This mascara, the Ciglione, is supposed to help lengthen, boost, curl, add volume and be a glossy black finish which seems like a lot of promises so it’ll be interesting to see how it does. On the plus side this mascara is vegan and vegetarian friendly and cruelty free which is always good to find in makeup.

It’s a pretty standard shape for a mascara, it doesn’t stand out much, but the brush at the end of the wand is unusual and very wavy. I’m not sure if this will be a good or bad thing as it seems an awkward shape for getting coverage on all lashes. I’ll give it a go and see how both the brush and the formula go as the formula of the mascara seems nice enough, not too thick and clumpy, and it looks like a good dark black colour.

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