Blogmas Day 13!

Today’s Marks and Spencer’s beauty advent calendar is a perfume, and I think it’s the only perfume in the calendar. It’s a 10ml bottle of the Blood Orange scent from Shay and Blue. This is a mini version of the bottles available on the M&S website, it’s available in both a 30ml bottle for £30 or 100ml for £55 so this would be worth between £5.50 to £10 depending on which price you use. The company is definitely an affordable perfume brand and uses all natural fragrances and the 30ml bottle claims to have a pound of real fruit in there. The scent is a mix of blood orange, as the name says, and musks and leather and is on the edge of being a unisex scent to me.

The Winter Cranberry scent is today’s wax tart from the Scented Seasons Shop on Etsy Twelve Scents of Christmas set. I love having these to pick out every other day and do my own advent calendar style thing with them and so far these have impressed me. The set of twelve is £15 but they’re also available individually for £1.25 where you can pick your scents.

With today’s Winter Cranberry scented wax tart I have to admit that I’m not sure what an actual Cranberry smells like. To me cranberry juice doesn’t have much of a scent and dried cranberries are mainly sweet so I can only really go by other cranberry scented products that pop up at the time of year. This scent is pretty strong and almost exactly the same as the Body Shop scent that they released for a couple of years and I loved. It’s a pretty sweet scent that I can only describe as cranberry and has the sharpness in there that means it isn’t sickly sweet.

These wax tarts have impressed me so far with their throw and this is definitely one of the stringer scented wax tarts from this set. It’s so strong it actually filled my room before I even heated it when it was out of the bag. I tend to find that wax tarts burn with a good amount of scent for eight to nine hours. I haven’t burnt any of these for that long yet but after six hours the scent is still decent. I like how wax tarts can be burnt and then left to cool and popped out of the burner and you can break them up and mix your own scents.

I like the fact that the Blood Orange spray bottle from Shay and Blue is actually a good size, I still have quite a bit from last year’s left and it’s a great travel bottle because the lid is pretty tight and doesn’t come off in your bag. I’ve not heard of this company apart from the one that was in last year’s beauty advent calendar. That was the Atropa Belladonna bottle and a very different scent for Christmas Day (you can find my post on that here) and this is definitely a more me scent this year. Shay and Blue are a fairly new company, having started in 2012, and the perfumes are made in England and are cruelty free certified by PETA.

The Blood Orange scent, not surprisingly, has blood orange, or orange at least, as the main scent. This a definitely the strongest smell when you first spray it but it dries down in ten or fifteen minutes to be a bit more musky and the leather kind of shows up a bit. It definitely ends up being on the feminine end of unisex on me but I know that perfumes often change quite a bit on me. After about half an hour it goes back to blood orange but quite a subtle scent. It isn’t the longest lasting scent, two hours after I used it the scent was pretty much gone unless I tried to smell it up close. As these are naturally scented I can see the scent changing a lot on different people so I’d recommend trying this company out on your skin if possible before going for a full sized bottle.

As far as the bottle goes I really like the look of these, they’re a clear pale blue and the perfume has a yellow tint due to the citrus fruit in there and you can see exactly how much you have. It’s a simple, classic shape that I think anyone would like. Though it’s nothing fancy it suits the clean and natural scents.

Going into today, before I smelled either of the things, I wasn’t that excited about these but I’ve come out of it actually thinking these are two that I might be going back to buy myself when these are finished. I can see the refuge lasting ages so I may have found one I prefer afterwards but I got compliments on it so it might become a signature scent. The cranberry wax tart is just the kind of smell I like and has a great throw, definitely one I’d consider buying if I want wax tarts and it’s still in stock.

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