Blogmas Day 12

Day twelve and we’re nearly half way through the Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar. Today’s product was the Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose limited edition version, another skin care product but this is an exfoliating toner like a more concentrated version of a the Pixi Glow Tonic, from what I can find about it anyway. I did have the standard version of this last year in the Marks and Spencer’s advent calendar and tried it so it it’ll be interesting to see how this Rose version compares.

This bottle is 50ml, which is half the size of the regular sized product. The full sized on costs £37 so this mini bottle would be worth £18.50. I do like this style product, I get on well with the liquid exfoliates, but I know that the ones including acids can cause reactions for a lot of people. Although we’ve had a lot of skin care I quite like that, having looked at all of the things, including this means you have almost a complete skin care routine, the only thing missing is the cleanser.

I like these bottles, they’re great to keep for decanting larger bottles of thin liquids in for travel as the lid for this is very secure. The bottles has a matte finish which keeps surprisingly clean and means it doesn’t get slippy if you have something wet on your hand. I prefer the look of this gold one, I just prefer the white or cream colour over the olive green colour of the standard version.

This product is very thin, it has the consistency of water, and has a rose water smell. I like the scent but I know that rose can put a lot of people off skin care products. Having tried it on my skin I’ve not had a reaction but I know my skin gets on with these acid exfoliators. To apply the Liquid Gold you wet a cotton wool pad, or something similar, and wipe it on your skin after cleansing. You can either use moisturiser or not afterwards but it recommends doing this every other day in the night so it’s pretty concentrated compared to the Pixi Glow Tonic. Using moisturiser afterwards does dilute the effect and, as the Rose version has additional moisturising properties then maybe it makes it less needed than the original which I found drying without it.

As I have both I thought I’d do a bit of a comparison with first impressions, for as much as you can with the one use. I used the original for a while and then put it away safely to try something else and it’s been left in the storage tin for nearly a year now (if you want to read my first impressions of that you can find it here). However I did use it so know how it worked for my skin. The original has a more alcoholic and herbal scent, the new one smells of roses. The effects on my skin, after one use anyway, are pretty much exactly the same. Although it’s a fairly concentrated it hasn’t had any negative effects for me. I think the base is the same but it has the additional rose. Looking at the ingredients there’s quite a few more but as far as I can tell, from my experience today, is that these are either for the scent or for the moisturising effects as it did leave my skin feeling less tight and dry without a moisturiser than the original does.

I’m not sure that comparison helps at all, I need to use it some more for a true comparison, but first impressions wise I’m looking forward to giving this a go over a while and seeing the benefits compared to the Pixi Glow Tonic I use at the moment. Price wise this is higher than I’d spend for this but if it lasts a lot longer than the current one I use the price is only double but it might last four times as long so it might be worth it. If it does work for me then I’d consider it in the future. I think it’s probably the first skin care product that has a chance of being in my everyday routine in the future after this bottle is finished.

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