Blogmas 2017: Day 11!

No more snow today but I actually feel kind of accomplished with the things I managed to do and feeling nice and warm inside. It’s probably one of the best things about snow, besides how beautiful it is when it’s fresh, being able to curl up in the warm in front of a fire or under a blanket. Today’s wax melt has been started and it’s the Christmas Roses scent which has pretty rose petals floating in it. This is from Seasonal Scents Shop on Etsy in the Twelve Scents of Christmas natural wax tarts set (£15) which I’m using as a sort of advent calendar.

I’m always happy to get beauty tools in these Marks and Spencer’s beauty advent calendars as they tend to be good quality, I kind of wish there was more than the one in this year’s calendar. It’s a Sculpting Sponge from Look Good Feel Better and a pretty purple colour. I have so many of these beauty blender style sponges but I love them so I’m always happy with more. Look Good Feel Better is a charity that helps people with cancer with confidence building skin care and makeup workshops. It’s not something I particularly think of when I think of cancer charities but it’s a good cause and something I think is worth supporting. Plus the past tools I’ve had from them have been good quality so they’ve been on my list of makeup brush companies when I need new ones. This is the full sized version and costs £7.50, the only difference between this and the one you buy is the packaging it comes in.

I don’t think I’ve really seen many winter rose scents but I like this one. Some rose scents can be overpowering and sweet for a wax scent. I like Turkish delight but having a room Scented of it is a bit much for me and that tends to be the Christmas rose scents I’ve found. It may sound a weird way to describe it but this scent isn’t overly sweet and reminds me of the scent of rose bath salts. It has someone slightly salty or sharp in there and like fresh rose petals rather than the false rose or Turkish delight sweet rose scent. This is definitely one of the more powerful scents so it could be overwhelming to some but it spreads well and went into the hall as well.

These wax tarts are great as a way to scent a room, I especially like it when you use an electric wax burner as there’s less of a problem with overheating or cracking as well as no flames. However a standard tea light heated wax burner is a lot cheaper and the tea lights are easily found in bulk buy bags in a lot of supermarkets. Wax tarts tend to have a scent for eight or nine hours, the previous ones from this set have burned for six hours and still have decent scent so I think these will go for that time as well. These wax tarts are available individually as well as part of the set, each one costs £1.25 but you can choose from any of the twelve scents.

The Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge is an unusual colour, I don’t think I’ve seen such a bright purple beauty blender style sponge before. As far as this style sponges go I’d say firmness is somewhere in the middle, it’s not as firm as the Real Techniques one but harder than a couple of the Boots ones I’ve had. I like the shape, I don’t have any this shape yet though that may be because it’s aimed at sculpting rather than buffing or blending with the sharp, flat end would give a sharp edge for precise sculpting. I can see this working well for getting into the more awkward spots with both ends being points but in different ways it’ll work well around the nose and under the eyes I think.

I’m looking forward to giving this a go, I do like a good beauty blender style sponge and with the charity aspect of it I feel it’s a good one to look into. I’ll definitely be giving this a proper review as it feels a good sponge and it says about using it wet or dry and for powder which I don’t think I’ve ever tried. I’ll have to try it in various ways to see what works best for me. It may sound weird but this is one of the ones I was looking forward to getting.

2 thoughts on “Blogmas 2017: Day 11!

    1. I have so many of them, though it is useful when it comes time to clean them! I am so lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes and sponges so I can wait longer between them if I have more sponges 😆 it’s a nice colour though and definitely stands out amongst the mainly lay pastel colours I have


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