Blogmas 2017: Day 10!

Today was the first snow of this winter and we made the most of it! Our dog is nearly 14 and really shouldn’t get too excited but ended up running around like a puppy and I managed to make a snowman. I’ll be paying for it the next few days but totally worth it. We might be getting some more in the night but it’s probably just going to freeze so I’m crossing my fingers the road outside our house isn’t too bad as they never salt it and I have an appointment tomorrow I have to get to. Have you guys had any snow, either today or just this winter so far? Are you ever too old to make snowmen?

Onto the Marks and Spencer’s beauty advent calendar’s gift for today and it’s a small tube of Formula Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel which seems to be part of the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty range. It’s cruelty free and has the leaping bunny logo on it. This means that so far this year we’ve had more skin care than anything but this is a different kind of product and I’m intrigued by what it will do. It’s a 15ml tube and with the full sized one being 50ml and costing £17.50 I think it should be worth somewhere around £5. It’s definitely a fairly good sized sample so I’m looking forward to trying it and there’s quite a few uses from it.

This is a fairly simple tube but I always like the plain white ones with a touch of silver, it’s just so simple and goes with any bathroom to have it out on the side. I feel like I’m saying I love all of the packaging in this advent calendar but I promise I do have some packaging I really hate, I’ve just not found anything in here. It’s a nice, soft and easy to squeeze plastic and it’ll be easy to cut it open at the end when I want to get the last bits out, that’s always a plus for me.

The peel itself is a clear gel which is fairly thin, it holds its shape but does start to melt and slide on your skin with body heat so a little goes a really long way, the amount in the picture covered all of my hand and past my wrist so this tube will last for at least a week or two if it’s an everyday use product. It spreads evenly and easily and I’m pretty sure this is one of those products you use a very thin layer as you apply it, leave it to transform (whatever that means) before wiping it off with hot water as a pretreatment before your everyday skin care routine.

I haven’t tried this on my face but I will say that my hand felt nice and smooth after giving it a go on that so I’m interested to see what benefits there are on my face. I’m going to give this a proper go and then review it as it’s not a product type I know anything about and I haven’t seen this on any blogs before. It claims to be hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types and so far it doesn’t make my sensitive skin flare up and it feels light enough that it won’t affect oilier skin and sinks in or dries up quickly.

Saying this is hypoallergenic it does seem fairly strongly fragranced. It has a scent that I feel I recognise, it’s maybe something tropical with floral notes and reminds me of a summer skin care scent, maybe something with aloe in it like an after sun. This maybe one that isn’t a good one if scented products set off a sensitivity in your skin, or at least stick with trying it on your hand first.

I feel like I’ve mentioned blog things before but I haven’t done very well with including photos so I thought I’d post some of the snowman and our dog enjoying the snow. I did go to a Christmas tree festival where you pay to decorate a tree and you can take it home at the end. I won a lot on the tombola, including a watch that apparently doesn’t work well, and some of those things meant we crossed some bits off our Christmas shopping list. I took a load of photos of that but they’re all just different Christmas trees and would make this even more pic heavy. Anyway, here’s the photos of our dog and the health and safety snowman, we found an old hard hat in the workshop. He may get a makeover tomorrow if we find other hats that will actually stay on his head, it a bit big for normal hats!

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