Blogmas 2017: Day 8!

Today’s gift in the Marks and Spencer’s beauty advent calendar is a travel sized version of the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara. I can’t remember if I’ve tried this one before, I know the liquid eyeliner pen was in last year’s and I liked that, it seemed good quality so I’m happy to have more from them, even if I do already have so many black mascaras. The full sized tube is 8ml for £19, this tube is 4ml so it’s got about £9.50 of product and these travel sized mascaras always last ages for me. I’ve tended to find that I end up throwing them out because the time is up on keeping mascara or they’ve dried out rather than running out of product.

I can’t believe it’s a week into December, or over a week in, and we haven’t got our Christmas tree up yet. I’m not opening one of the wax tarts today because I still haven’t burnt the one from a couple of days ago so it’ll be tomorrow for the next one. I’ll probably end up having three or four of them nearer to Christmas. I think this is going to be the latest post for blogmas, sorry it’s so late! A mix of poor internet and trying to get things done I was going to do yesterday alongside today’s things to do meant everything didn’t go to plan today! Also, wow WordPress on the iPad has changed, this may take ting used to. I may have accidentally pressed publish before I’d finished this post just now, oops!

I really like mascaras in this squeeze tube style packaging, I don’t even know why as it’s not as if you get any more out by being able to press the tube or anything. The full sized version is also in this style and it seems like it’s one of those tubes of mascara that’s going to be easier to get the product out when it gets near the end as you can definitely twist the wand around and get to the edges of the tube, I’ve been trying.

One of the main things that draws me to any mascara is the wand itself and this one is a bit of a different shape, it has the curve that fits my lashes well and you can use the wand turned around so you have the outside of the curve against your lashes if you want more precision or to target a small area without wanting to use the tip where the product normally gathers. It’s a nice enough wand but I’m more of a fan of the plastic bristle brushes rather than these fibre ones. It does seem to coat lashes well from the little I’ve tried with it but it’s not one that would make me choose this mascara.

The mascara itself seems to be a fairly thin formula, which I always like as they tend to clump less in general and give a thin coat rather than getting any blobs of mascara on my lashes. I haven’t tried it much but it’s definitely a well pigmented black and does seem to coat my lashes. I’ll give this more of a go and report back as to whether it improves the curl and definition when I’ve used it more.

This is a nice gift to get, though getting a black mascara is pretty standard in most beauty gift sets so it’s not really a surprise with the product type, it is a good brand and another of those products that’s outside my normal price range so nice to give it a go.

3 thoughts on “Blogmas 2017: Day 8!

    1. I like their liquid eyeliner pen but I think that’s all I’ve really tried. I still haven’t given this a proper go but the squeeze tube is quite different and seems like it’d be surprisingly practical for getting the most of the product out of there.


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