Blogmas 2017: Day 7!

The seventh day of advent from the Marks and Spencer’s beauty advent calendar and it’s more skin care. I have to say I think I’ve forgotten half of the things on the list when I first bought this as I really don’t remember this on there. It’s a night mask from Korres, the Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial. It’s a moisturiser that you apply after cleansing your face, I’m assuming it’s a night cream as the name says and it’s supposed to nourish and retexturise your skin. I’m not sure what that means but it’ll be interesting to see if it has any positive effects for me. A 40ml pot of this costs £26 so I think this mini 16ml tube would cost around £9 or £10.

Day 7 of December and we’re finally getting round to the decorating. Unfortunately it is also a day of no internet, it went down around 12 and won’t be fixed for a while so I’m doing this post on my phone, hopefully the photos are good enough quality without editing. It’s odd how much I miss the internet when it’s down. I had all these plans for what I was going to do today but they almost all relied on the internet so I feel like I haven’t done much really.

I have had a couple of products from Korres before, though I think mainly their bath products range, and they’ve all been nice so I was happy to have something else to try from them. I’m not sure about all of the skin care that’s been in the calendar so far, it’s been a bit hit and miss with my skin and it’s such a hard thing to choose one that will suit everyone. This night cream may be safer as these tend to be richer and designed to soak in over time. It definitely feels rich though. 

The cream itself is very thick, it comes out almost like a paste, but does soften and spread easily. The amount on my hand was more than enough to cover my hand with some to spare so it’s probably enough for my face and this tube will definitely last quite a few uses even if I used it on my neck as well. It claims it’s suitable for everyday use and I think for dry skin this may be the case, but for my skin which is also acne prone I can see it being way too oily. It leaves a bit of an oily feeling but does feel moisturised and this feeling lasts well after the product has been absorbed into my skin. 

One thing which may be a problem for some people is the scent. asThe name suggests it’s a wild rose smell, it’s not an overly sweet smell but closer to crushed rose petals with that green smell you often get in real roses. It is pretty strong an lingers for a while which could be something that would be a negative for people, though I think it’s mainly natural ingredients rather than perfumes so may not be a problem for people with a sensitivity to perfumed products.

The tube for this is very different to the full sized tub but this is a nice plastic for the tube. It’s soft enough to squeeze the product out easily and I like the colour of the tube. It’s a dark red with the silver square on the front that makes it clear about the product so it stands out amongst the other skin care products I have at the moment. 

Have you ever had a decoration go missing? Last year I had a small glass bauble that I couldn’t find, I thought it had been broken, but it turned up on the white branch I’d put it on last year. I have cleaned it in the past 12 months but it was hidden around the back so I guess I’ve just missed it each time. I always forget how many decorations I have, I need some new lights but I think I’ll try to resist any other decorations this time!

When do you guys put your decorations up? We’re starting properly tonight but it’s late in December for us this time, it’s normally the first weekend of December but we were away. Do you have a date you normally put them up? Also do you take them down on the twelfth day of Christmas like you’re supppsedly meant to?

2 thoughts on “Blogmas 2017: Day 7!

    1. Hehe, thanks, it was hiding well! Yeah, I like the subtle rose scents, sometimes they seem to get a bit overpowering though. I found a load of their makeup at TK Maxx the other day. I’ve never tried any of their makeup before but I was very tempted. Maybe if it’s still there next time, I just haven’t seen much about it so don’t know how good they are.


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