Blogmas 2017: Day 6!

I thought I’d change the name of these, I don’t know why but I kind of prefer calling it blogmas than advent. I’ve wanted to start to include more blog like posts so this seemed like a good time to start it. Today was mainly spent recovering from the weekend and then waiting in hospital for an appointment so sorry this post is a bit later than I meant to!

I think today’s gift in the Marks and Spencer’s beauty advent calendar is one f the ones that I was most looking forward to trying. It’s the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade Perla which is a pale or mid tone pinky nude, one of those my lips but better kind of colours for me. This year I’ve discovered liquid lipsticks after finding some that actually work for me and don’t leave my lips dry so I’m always up for trying a new company’s version of it. This is a travel size, the full size costs £16 and holds 3ml compared to this 1.5ml so it’s probably £8 worth in here but these travel size ones always last me ages, I am yet to actually finish a travel sized liquid lipstick.

It’s the second of the wax tarts today from the 12 Scents of Christmas set of wax tarts from Scented Seasons Shop on Etsy. It’s a set of their twelve Christmas scents in wax tarts, I’m just picking them out at random from the box, the box costs £15 for the 12. Today’s random pick is the Christmas Time wax tart and the first with bits in. I haven’t put it to melt yet, my wax tart burner is currently behind a pile of decorations in boxes so it’ll have to wait, but it’s a very strong Christmassy scent so I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not sure if I’ll leave the bits to float around in it or get them out, I’ll see. The throw from the last wax tart was great, it even went outside the fairly large room it was burning in, and this is a stronger scent when cold so I’m hoping it does as well too.

I do love Christmas scents, or winter scents actually, when they’re the spiced fruit as they’re just great as a warming smell even after Christmas is gone during January. I’ve tended to go for tea light advent calendars before but I love how wax tarts can sit in a burner and get relit or go on an electric burner so there’s no problems with flames or the candles going out. I also tend to find they last longer than tea lights, normally 8 or 9 hours depending on the make, and the previous one of these still has scent left after six hours of burning over the past couple of days. These wax tarts are also available individually for £1.25.

The Christmas Time wax tart is a spiced orange scent, though it’s not a fresh squeezed orange smell, more of a slightly more artificial scent, but that may also be because of the spices in there. It smells like a great spiced, sweet orange scent and I seem to get a hint of chocolate in there, not sure if it’s meant to be there or not.

Not sure why this did not want to photograph as matte, it took ages to dry but it’s definitely matte after five minutes

The Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick
is one I’m glad has appeared early on in the advent calendar as I’m planning on wearing it to a family meal, I’m hoping it’ll last well. It’s a great colour for me and the formula is light and I almost doesn’t feel like I’m wearing it. I’ve not had it on for that long, maybe up to two hours, and so far no fading and I’ve not been running for a lip balm yet so that seems promising. I’ll definitely be doing a full review of this one as it seems to be in the permanent range and I’m looking forward to seeing how well it lasts.

I do like the packaging for this one too. It’s pretty standard as far as the shape and size goes for a liquid lipstick but the mix of the slightly dusty rose colour with the old gold colour is a great combination for me. The doe foot applicator is nice but you do seem to get a lot of product on it so I’ve had to wipe it on the sides or it applies too thick and takes ages to dry so it will definitely get messy quickly.

Overall I’m very happy with this so far, I have so many liquid lipsticks at the moment that I don’t think I need any more and this will likely last me a while but it’s definitely a range I’d consider getting from again, even with the slightly dearer price tag than some I use.

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