Advent 2017: Day 5!

I feel like the beginning of this Marks and Spencer’s beauty advent calendar seems to be giving us a lot of the more expensive brands. I’m not sure how much a lot of the products cost, to be honest I can’t even remember half of the things that are supposed to be in here, but with Rodial being today’s little gift I feel like I’ve already got my money’s worth with the amount these products cost even as travel size or mini versions of products.

Today’s advent present is a Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel in a 15ml tube, a good size for travel or as a sample as you do get quite a few uses out of it. The full sized pot of 50ml costs £85 and I think that means that this mini version would come up as £25.50 worth of product. Rodial is a cruelty free company and this particular product is listed as both vegan and vegetarian friendly which is always nice to find. It’s a gel that’s designed to plump, firm and sculpt your face so it defines the features more. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to do this but it’s definitely a lighter feeling product than yesterday’s moisturiser which is good for my skin as my skin definitely found that one a bit much.

I have to say that I do like how Rodial have their different product ranges colour coded in a very obvious way, everything in the Dragon’s Blood range is this coral red colour and it really stands out from anything else I have. As this normally comes in a pot I’m not sure how useful this is but the tube itself is a really nice soft and easy to use plastic. My only problem with it, and I feel like I’m being overly picky here, is that the whole thing is a shiny finish and it’s very smooth so can be hard to get the lid off if there’s any product on your hands. It stays screwed together well and I’d definitely trust it to throw in my bag for travelling.

The gel itself feels really nice and cooling when you apply it. It’s not a very thick gel and seems to almost melt as you put it on your skin so a little goes a very long way and it sinks in evenly and pretty quickly. I also like how it doesn’t leave any residue feeling on my skin afterwards, some gels almost seem to leave a layer on the outside that’s either tacky or that you can tell is there, this doesn’t have that after a few minutes when it’s all been absorbed. Its not quite clear, it’s sort of a semi opaque white colour, which seems to make it almost half way between a normal gel and a cream as you apply it.

I like the scent of this, it has a bit of an unusual scent but it reminds me of tropical fruit and something floral, like a summer scent, which is light and doesn’t linger too long. As it does smell perfumed it may be a problem for people with skin sensitivities to scented products. 

As for how this works as a product itself I actually really like how my skin feels afterwards. I will admit I haven’t used it all over my face, it’s not happy with me after yesterday so I’m back to being more cautious, but it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I don’t think it’s particularly sculpting but my skin does feel nicely moisturised and my hand feels nice hours after applying it to the back of it. 

When I opened this I thought it seemed familiar and it turns out it was a gift in the Marks and Spencer’s beauty advent calendar two years ago, if you want to see what I thought then you can find the post here. I’m not sure if they’ve changed the formula but the price has gone up and the packaging has changed since then. I also think the scent may have changed, I’m not sure as I can’t remember but my description in my post doesn’t sound like this one, maybe I got a duff batch then and didn’t know better.

I will say that I like this product, it’s a nice gel that does sooth my skin and leaves it feeling hydrated. However, for me, this one is way out of my budget for skin care so it’s another product that I like trying but won’t be running out to buy the full size when this runs out. If this is in your budget I think this is a good product to try if you have oiler skin or acne prone skin, unless you have a sensitivity to one of the ingredients, as it’s a lot lighter than a lot of moisturisers, being a gel, and yet still has the hydrating properties. I think it would also work for normal, combination or dry skin but there might be better products out there more aimed at what you need.

As the price is so high I think if you want to give it a go then trying it out in the mini set I found that has a range of products in the Dragon’s Blood collection would be a good way to go as it’s less than half the price at £40 and means you get to try the whole routine and see if it works for you. 

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