Advent 2017: Day 4!

Today’s gift in the Marks and Spencer’s beauty advent calendar is the Gatineau Melatogenine Advanced Rejuvenating Cream and is a 15 ml sample tube which is a decent size for a face moisturiser. I normally find this is more than enough to get an idea of what it’ll be like. This one had probiotics in it and is definitely at the high end of the skin care products price wise at £86 for a full sized 50ml pot, it means this small sample is probably worth around £28! Definitely one of those brands that is outside my budget but that I love to find in these kinds of sets as I wouldn’t buy them myself.

The fourth day of advent and I’m adding in the second of my advent calendars, not that it’s meant to be but I bought a Twelve Scents of Christmas set of wax tarts from an Etsy store so thought I’d open one every other day in the lead up to Christmas. They didn’t arrive until just as we were leaving on Friday but I’ll include them in my advent from now on. I do love having some Christmas scents and went for these rather than the Yankee advent calendar I normally go for. It’s the 12 Scents of Christmas natural wax melts box and costs £15 on the Scented Seasons Shop on Etsy. I’m just picking them out at random and the first is Mulled Wine.

I’ll start with the wax tart, I do love having Christmas scents around this time of year but never know which to choose so getting something like this with a selection always seems a good idea to me. That way you also get to change it every day if you want as wax tarts can be taken out of a burner and replaced later if there’s still scent. They don’t have an amount of time they claim to burn for but I tend to find that from other stores these burn for 8-9 hours so they’ll definitely be going for a couple of days with how long I burn wax each day. 

If you haven’t tried wax tarts before you need an oil or wax burner, the kind that either takes a tea light under or an electric one. I have both and prefer the electric one, easier to keep an eye on and no need to worry about the candles either spitting, going out or just the flames in general. 

These are definitely a good sized wax tart, I’ll use the whole thing but you could cut bits off and mix and match to make your own scent combinations. The Mulled Wine scent is really nice and a great winter scent overall, one I’d be happy to burn in the autumn too as it’s a warming smell. To me I’m not sure I get wine but there’s definitely something sweet and fruity beneath the spices. I’d say more sweet dark berries than wine but it’s always hard for me to tell wine scents for some reason. Definitely looking forward to burning this and seeing how well it lasts. As well as buying this in the set they do sell them individually for £1.25. 

I’m never sure about trying skin care, I always get tempted and then it never seems to go well, but I am on the lookout for a good moisturiser as my current one is way out of budget at full priced. This Gatineau Melatogenine Advanced Rejuvenating Cream is definitely a luxury face cream to me. The tube is nice looking, clean and white for out on the side in the bathroom, and the tub looks like it’s glass if you get a full sized version. 

The cream itself is definitely rich, I can see it being a bit too thick for my skin as, although it’s dry it’s acne prone and things like this tend to cause flare ups so I’m waiting for after Christmas to give it a proper try. It’s definitely thick and does it on the skin for a bit, leaves it feeling slightly greasy, but does sink in faster than I’d expect with the consistency of it. It is slightly perfumed, it really reminds me of the Body Shop Vitamin E range, which I think is scented with rose water and a bit of a face cream base. 

I’m looking forward to giving this a go, I’ve used it today and my skin feels nice, but even if it wasn’t as expensive as it is I don think it’s one that will suit my skin type. It seems to be aimed at older skin, it’s sold as anti wrinkle and for tired skin which seem to be words they use for an older target audience, so I know it’s probably not meant to be aimed at me anyway. I can see it being good for dry skin with no problems but people with sensitivities to fragranced products may have problems as well. Definitely not one I’d see working for oilier skin types but maybe normal and combination skin could work, it all depends on what end of the spectrum you are and would be one to see if you could find it and try first especially considering the price of this particular cream. 

I do like how they include these more luxury brands but I am yet to find one in these calendars that I actually end up running out to buy or that tempts me to go above my budget for the product types. If you have the money to spend £86 on a moisturiser in your skincare budget I can see this being a nice one to try as it does have that luxurious feel when I use it and I can see it lasting a long time as you really don’t need much to cover your face and it does go a long way.

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