Advent 2017: Day 3!

Day three and the third tube. It does feel like these early ones could be travel products that it’s sort of giving you for if you go away over the holiday period. Maybe it’s just me but given the face mask, body shimmer and now a shower product it’s like it’s either for a weekend away or for preparing for a night out, an office party or a family get together. I’m probably giving it too much thought, it’s just a nice idea that they might have done it deliberately as a kit for a night out.

Anyway, the product itself is the Nuxe Prodigieux Huile de Douche, basically a fancy way of saying shower gel. The literal translation is shower oil but maybe that’s just me being overly literal and it’s the phrase used in France. I have to admit that, seeing shower oil in the name, I was expecting something more of an oil like an oil cleanser but scented and for your body. However, it’s a shower gel that lathers and is in the same scent as the other Pogidieux products, if I’m reading the website right. It also has a golden shimmer to it so it sort of goes well with the Rosie for Autograph body shimmer cream we got on the first day.

I think that the main product that Nuxe is known for is the body oil, the Huile Prodigieux, which is the same scent. I think I got one last year, I should dig it out and give it more of a go, but it’s one of those products that has been around and pops up on must have lists in blogs fairly often. This shower oil isn’t overly expensive, the full sized tube is 200ml for £10.25, but it’s not in the budget beauty range to me and does have the feel of something that should be more expensive.

I like the tube, the golden colour does stand out and give it a feel of luxury but maybe I’m easily pleased. It’s not the easiest to squeeze but it does seem to get the product out well so I’ll see how easy it becomes when the tube is emptier. 

The shower gel, or oil, itself is fairly thick but it does lather well and you really don’t need much to wash with. This bottle will last a fair amount of time, it’s a good size to try it out and I can see a full sized tube lasting longer than most shower gels I’ve used in the same size. The shimmer particles in it are pretty obvious when you squeeze out the product but, as you need so little, you don’t end up all sparkly. It’s a golden colour shimmer and the particles are very small so you don’t get the glittery vampire effect when you dry off. You do get a subtle shimmer, more healthy glow than anything, and I can see it being one of those that will look great for an evening out or in the summer when the sun can catch it.

My only problem with this, and it’s a personal preference thing, is the scent. It’s a nice scent, it’s floral and sweet and seems to have a hint of spice in it and I do like the scent. My only problem is that it really reminds me of something my grandma used to use. It isn’t an old lady scent, it’s a nice smell, it’s just one of those things where I can’t use it without being reminded of that. It’s probably one of those smells that in the future will be nice to smell and remind me of her, even now it is, but not as an everyday thing.

I think this would be a great gift, I think it’s one of those that leaves you feeling like you’ve used a luxurious product without being over the top price wise. I have to say I don’t think the scent is something that anyone would find offensive, it’s nice and subtle and I can see most people liking it, even if they don’t love it, so it might be something different for people to try. 

Overall I am very happy with this. The shower gel itself has left my skin feeling nice and moisturised, the shimmer is subtle and gives off the slight glow look and it will last really well so it’s actually better value for money than I originally thought. I will use it and enjoy it but I doubt I’ll be running out to get the full sized version

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