Advent 2017: Day 1

The first day of December so the first day of advent. I do love advent calendars, we’ve had them since we were little with chocolate ones, and this year my main advent calendar is the Marks and Spencer’s one. I say main as I do have a Thornton’s chocolate one and a couple of twelve days of Christmas ones, I’m probably going to actually do the one on the twelve days though so I’ll have at least one post every day in December, this may be a first for me! 

Anyway, onto the gift from today’s box, I do love it when advent calendars do these individual boxes, I have used them a few times for wrapping up Christmas presents that are small enough and they are great at disguising oddly shaped presents too. The gift today is from the Rosie for Autograph collection, so it is an exclusive product to Marks and Spencer’s, and it’s the Amazing Radiance Body Glow (50ml tube). It’s not the full sized tube but it’s a good size for travel and it’s a shimmery body lotion that has a golden tint to it.

I really like a lot of the Rosie for Autograph things, the packaging itself is normally good quality and they look nice, they often have a rose gold theme to them which I always like. As this is the travel sized tube, and not one I can find online, I can’t say what the full sized one is like quality wise but this is a nice, thick but soft plastic that’s easy to squeeze for the product and the lid with the hole in the top seems like one that will stay relatively mess free. This is especially useful when it comes to any shimmery or tinted products as they tend to gunk up the hole and make it hard to use from my past experience. 

I’m not normally a fan of shimmery body tints, they’re often either too glittery or the tint is just the wrong colour for my pale skin and leaves that fake tan orange colour. I was pleasantly surprised with this, it does come out of the tube looking slightly more of a golden fake tan than I’d normally like but it spreads really evenly and it’s the kind of consistency that almost melts on your skin and goes a lot further than you’d expect. The further you spread it the more dilute the colour tint but the golden shimmer is still there and even. It ends up giving a slight glow, nothing too obviously shimmery and nothing with too much of a colour tint but just a nice glowy look. 

One thing that might put people off is the scent, at least how it smells on me. In the tube it’s not too strong, it’s a slightly sweet and subtle floral but when it warms up on my skin it’s suddenly a lot more of a heady floral with a hint of sweetness in it. It’s also worth knowing that this scent lasts for ages. Three hours after application it was still there without having to press my nose close to my hand to smell it. I did find that, oddly, after four hours it suddenly turned into a bit of a more masculine scent, no idea why but it reminded me of aftershave, but it was very subtle and only when I tried to smell it.

For the full sized product it costs £12.50 so this mini tube is around the £5 mark and even full sized isn’t very expensive. It is also vegan and vegetarian friendly and cruelty free so it could be a good gift for a beauty fan in your life who looks for that as well as for you. This isn’t one of those products I’ll be rushing to buy but I might consider it if it turns out it looks good or I might use it in the summer, I can see it giving my pasty legs a bit of a glow which would be a nice change.

Overall this Body Glow was a pleasant surprise. I have to admit that, knowing what was in the calendar but not which day each was on, it was one of the products I was least excited about. I don’t know how much I’ll use it in the lead up to Christmas but I see it being nice for a glow on a night out. 

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