Marks and Spencer’s Advent Calendar and Christmas Haul


I feel a bit like there have been quite a few hauls recently but it’s that time of year when I end up buying more. I promise there won’t be too many, I just wanted to get this one up as the advent calendar is still in stock (as I’m writing this) and a couple of the things are Halloween so I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be around.

I think Marks and Spencer may have made more advent calendars this year, they seem to be in stock for a while longer than normal, or maybe it’s just the sheer number of beauty advent calendars that are around so they have less competition but whatever the reason they were available online longer than in the past and, though they’re sold out online, I’m pretty sure they’re in most stores, the online stock checker lists them well into double figures for some. Value wise it is one of the best value for the price, at £35 and an estimated overall value of over £250 it’s a big saving, but you do have the slight snag of having to spend £35 on other things to get this great price. However, as it’s Marks and Spencer and they have such a range of companies they sell, it really isn’t hard to spend that. I only needed the one Stila set I bought for it to go over that. As I know some people don’t want spoilers I haven’t included any of the products that are in the beauty advent calendar. If you want to know more you can click the link as it has a list of the products on their and I might do a small post soon with my thoughts on the few that I’ve already used and which are cruelty free, vegan, etc. if anyone’s interested.


Having said all that I feel like I have to start with the Beauty Advent Calendar. Here’s the link to the website page for it which does list everything in it if you’re interested. I do like how Marks and Spencer’s always seem to have gone for the boxes for each of the daily gifts, they’ve done it for the past two years and I’ve actually ended up using some of the boxes to keep bits and bobs in, like spare screws for flat pack furniture. Quite a few of the products are also wrapped in tissue paper, it’s mainly those in glass packaging or more fragile ones, so you know it’s all safe and should get there in one piece. I’m not so sure about the house design of this year’s calendar, it is nice looking but awkward to get the different boxes out and it feels bulkier than past ones, even though it probably isn’t.


The first things I looked at were the Halloween jewellery as I always want Halloween themed earrings but I tend to forget about getting them until it’s too late. I went for the Spider studs (£5) and the Skeleton earrings (£5) as they’re a bit different and I do love the front and back style ones.

As I was in the earrings section I had a look at the Christmas ones, again I always forget until it’s a bit late for these, and went for the Bauble Drop earrings (£5). I did like some of the studs but these just seemed different to me.

I really like M&S earrings. I’m not sure if they’re technically hypoallergenic but they have their skin safe formula which is great if your skin tends to react to cheap earrings. I’ve had no problems with them in the past turning black or turning my ears an odd colour. I tend to be fine when it comes to actually reacting to the cheap metals but the discolouration never looks good. They also have a nice range of pretty studs, though they do seem to be larger than some I’ve bought and as I have smaller lobes this can be a bit annoying.


The final one I bought, the thing that tipped it over the £35 and would have on its own, is the Stila Eye for Elegance Gift Set (£45). I’ve had my eye on the Stila liquid eyeshadows and in this set you get six, slightly smaller, liquid eyeshadows for less than two of the full sized ones normally. This set has three of the Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadows that are currently available in Peachy Sheen, Smoldering Satin and Next to Notte. These are fairly glittery with quite big glitter particles in peachy, taupe colours and a very red brown which is a nice Christmassy colour but the least wearable of the set for me. It also includes three of the Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eye Shadows which haven’t been released yet and are going to come out in the spring. These are pretty much the equivalent colours but without the glitter, just a shimmer, and the shade names are Kitten, Grace and Twig. I do really like the look of these colours, I’m definitely looking forward to giving these a go and will do a proper review when I’ve had a play around as it seems a great gift set or one for fans of Stila to try a new product type but we’ll have to see how well they last for the price.marks-and-spencer-christmas-haul-5

I am definitely getting into the Christmas spirit but I have to say that this year there are actually less of the Christmas gift sets that have been released that I’m really wanting compared to normal. However, I am definitely getting into all the advent calendars around though I think this alongside the Ciate one I already own are the only beauty ones I’ll be going for. I have seen a couple on Etsy I’m tempted by but I’m not sure if I’ll get them yet.

Are any of you guys getting started on the Christmas shopping yet? I feel rather organised as a couple of things in this order, that I didn’t post about, were bought as Christmas presents. I’m happy with everything I’ve bought this time, though I did realise after placing the order there were a few things I wanted that I forgot in the rush to make sure I got the advent calendar before it sold out

2 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer’s Advent Calendar and Christmas Haul

  1. I find I haul more during November and December too. When I start shopping for gifts, I always end up picking up a few things for myself! 😳
    So exciting about the Advent calendar! I hope the items turn out to be useful ones.
    Those Stila eye shadows are so pretty – I have been tempted but I just know that I won’t wear glittery / metallic looks too often.
    I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet but will be next week for Black Friday! 😀 I took the day off work just to SHOP.

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    1. Haha, same here, it’s so hard not to buy things for myself! Having looked at the list of things in the advent calendar there are a few I’m really excited about trying and some that I already know I like and use so I should get my money’s worth out of it ☺️ I find I normally wear something shimmery or glittery and I’ve yet to really try a liquid eyeshadow and these seem to get good reviews so I want to give them a go. We don’t have such a big thing here in the UK for black Friday, I think it’s only been the past few years it’s even a thing here, and they’ve been doing the sales all this week as cyber week but I do love looking for a good bargain and I’ve found some good deals on things I might get as Christmas presents for people already.


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