Your World of Colour Planner Haul

My planning has slipped a bit recently so I bought a big planner from TK Maxx a month or two ago and decided that I’d get some stickers to make it look better as I tend to keep up with it then. I bought a few different packs from Your World of Colour on Etsy which are designed for the Happy Planner style planners which is fairly close to the size of mine. I also found a few other sheets I liked the look of, the monthly day celebration ones are a bit different and I just love the fact there are such things as Chocolate Covered Anything Day (16th December if you’re interested in celebrating it).

The main reasons I did this order were for the monthly Happy Planner style ones, the first being the November Fall Leaves one. These are available for any month, though I got mine for November it would suit October and November best. There are two sheets with the headers for both pages, numbers to put on the dates, some boxes, headers and half boxes. This set costs £4.50 and comes in a matte finish which is great to write on. It’s also available to start with either Sunday or Monday and has the notes area on the left which was different to a lot of the ones I saw, a lot have it on the right, which fits my planner.

The Christmas monthly set is the same style as the Fall Leaves and costs £4.50. Again, it is available for any month but the Christmas theme does make it more December specific. I love the pastel colours in this set, something about it makes me think of a retro style though I’m not sure what and it goes with the style of decorations I love. I also love how it’s not the standard green and red or gold colour scheme which makes it different. It is matte and easy to write on with the same sheets exactly as the November one as it’s the same style set with a different colour theme.

I did buy one set from the sales section which may not be available much longer, the Bake Off Erin Condren Mini Kit, which is meant to fit an Erin Condren planner but fits the daily spaces on mine perfectly if I stick them landscape rather than portrait. I have never got into the Bake Off before this year but I’ve been watching it a lot this series and I like the colour scheme in this set. This kit was £3 rather than the original £5 and comes with two sheets in a matte finish.

I’ve never bothered with tracking my period but I’ve seen so many of these stickers around and it’d help a lot with keeping up with it more so went for the brightly coloured multicoloured Rainbow Period Tracking Planner stickers sheet. It’s £2 for the sheet and there’s enough on here to keep going for a few months depending on how you use them as you get 48 individual stickers. 

The final two sets I got were the Wacky Holidays for November and December and cost £3 each. They have stickers for unusual holidays for each day of the month with all sorts of holidays. Some of them are actually quite useful, things like Clean Out Your Fridge day (15th November) and Computer Security Day (30th November), as they remind you to do whatever it is. These are all already stuck in my planner, at least the November ones as I’ve only done the November planning, and they do add something different.

I have to say this order has made me want to start filling in my planner some more, which is what I bought everything for. The stickers are all cut well and stick and stay in place. I love the designs and Our Owlrd of Colour has some unusual tracking stickers, they seem to ave everything covered that I can think of. 

5 thoughts on “Your World of Colour Planner Haul

  1. Carlyann says:

    Yay!!! Im so pleased you like all of your stickers! Thank you for such a wonderful honest post! I must admit i am chuffed you like that i design different things to everyone else! I do try to think out the box haha!
    All the best Carlyann (owner of Your World of Colour) xxx

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    1. I love the designs, if I was more organised and had more things to do I’d probably end up with so many of the little sticker sets, I love the unicorns doing things! I always forget to use my planner so these different stickers make me want to keep it up a bit more. Thanks for reading 😄


  2. Love these! I’m thinking of delving into the world of planners myself… Any tips on what to buy? I’m looking at Kikki K large planners at the moment, but also love the Peony Planner by The Happiness Planner. There’s so many beautiful options.

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    1. I think the only top I can give is find a planner you like the layout of and think you’ll enjoy using. I tend to find there are quite a few styles and some of them look nice but I know I’d either not have the space for what I want to write in or just don’t look right for how I want to use them if that makes sense. Other than that just have fun with all the things you can get but don’t get too carried away with stickers. I may have more than I need of some kinda that I just never use but these event ones and reminder ones are so useful and fit in any planner really, even if they’re for wacky days! 😆 Hope you have fun with planning ☺️


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