Mini ASOS Haul

This is just a small haul, I did buy more but I was extra organised and actually started on my Christmas shopping, and I did end up missing out on the advent calendar I meant to buy as it sold out but I’m happy with the few things I did get. Earlier this week ASOS had a site wide 20% off sale so I decided to get some things in it, including the first advent calendar of the year. Or sort of advent calendar. I have a question for any of you who get these twelve days of Christmas style advent calendars; do you open them in the lead up to Christmas or on the actual twelve days of Christmas which actually starts on Christmas Day? I’m undecided on when I’ll do mine but there’s plenty of time to decide and I just wondered what any of you guys do.

As I left this order a bit late in the day I did forget exactly what I’d bought so it was a bit like Christmas opening it and not sure what I’d got besides the advent calendar. Do you guys do that too? Make man order late at night or when you’re only half awake and forget what was in it? I should really stop but I did save nearly £10 on the advent calendar which made it even better value.

As I’ve said so much about the advent calendar I guess I’ll start with that. I will do a proper post on it, including spoilers on what’s in it, but those will be another day so you can avoid them if you don’t want to know. Before now I’ve bought the Ciate Mini Mani Month which has 24 nail products in it, normally 20 or so mini nail varnishes, one full sized and some accessories. However, as I have more than enough nail varnish and still have them left from previous advent calendars, I decided to go for their makeup one, the Twelve Days of Ciate London Advent Calendar. I’ve been wanting to try their makeup for a while but have never got round to it, either because I didn’t really know what to try or other new products sort of jumped the queue on my to try list. This has a range of their makeup products, no nail varnish, and I think it pretty much has a full face of makeup excluding the foundation layers. It costs £49 normally on ASOS so it’s less than £5 a product which seemed a decent price for Ciate makeup and you do get to try a range so it seems a goods way of sampling what they do even if you don’t want the advent calendar experience of opening it each day.

The book I got, The Little Book of Life Hacks by Yumi Sakugawa (£14.99 at full price), is a pretty book and includes tips and tricks on things in your everyday life. I’ve just had a flick through and there are things like which food should be refrigerated, ways to use silicon muffin cases besides the obvious one of baking and exercise tips as well as arty crafty things to do and DIY ideas. It does have a range of topics and it’s very nicely illustrated, it has a pastel colour theme and the pictures are in the same style as the front cover, but if I’m honest I probably shouldn’t have bought it. It’s a nice book but it was one of those on a whim purchases. It is a nice coffee table book or a gift for someone though as it does have some useful tips, it just not the sort of book I’d normally go for. Maybe a proper read through will change my mind though. I think I’ll do a proper review of this too, it would be a nice, unusual gift for Christmas for someone who likes these sorts of thing. 

The final thing was something that I’ve seen everywhere in instagram photos, or something similar, and I’ve loved the look of them but they either haven’t been in stock in places near me or the ones I’ve found have been bigger than I’d want. It’s a Cactus Jewellery Dish from Sass and Belle and costs £6.50 at full price. These are so cute and this one feels and looks so well made that, even if I am very late and the trend is gone, I will still probably be using it in photos and it’ll sit on the side to hold my rings or bobby pins, maybe then I won’t lose them everywhere!

As I said to start with it’s not a big haul but I do like everything I got, even if I probably wouldn’t get the book in hind site, and they’ll all get used. I am definitely looking forward to the advent calendar though. I am planning on getting the Marks and Spencer one when it is released but I might be tempted by a third. This year I’m doing my own DIY style Yankee candle one as I always ended up not liking one of the scents in their advent calendar so it seemed a waste to buy it and not use some of the candles. Do any of you get advent calendars? Is it even much of a thing outside the UK? I know people I knew in America years ago used to not get them or know what they were but has that changed?

Also, sorry the photos are still on the iPad and this post is a day late. My computer seemed to fix itself but now ten of the keys don’t work so I’m getting a memory stick to save everything on before I send it off to get fixed. My camera is also on the way out and my phone seems to be playing up too. It just isn’t my month for technology! I will be back to camera photos but using my parents’ desktop so no photoshop, we’ll have to see how that goes! Anyway, hope you’re having a good weekend and had a good Halloween! 

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