Review: IDC Color Natural Eyeshadow Palette (and a Bit of a Comparison to the Naked 3)

I really didn’t need any more eyeshadow palettes, especially neutral ones, but it was one of those days when you’re looking on a website and something seems like such a good price so I got it. It’s the IDC Color Makeup Natural Eyeshadow Palette, which is pretty much the closest dupe packaging wise I have ever seen for the Naked 3 palette and the colours inside aren’t bad either. I can’t remember if this palette was £6.99 or £7.99 but for the twelve eyeshadows it seemed such a great price and I was interested to see how close it would be to the Naked 3 as I haven’t actually seen reviews of this palette around. It does claim to have a RRP of £42.99 but I think that’s a bit of a stretch when the only online stores I can find have it around €10.

I have to say that normally I don’t go for products that are so obviously close to the originals (as far as I can tell this is a newer palette than the Naked 3 but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, they’re just so similar it feels like it’s trying to be a dupe), it’s one of the reasons I haven’t gone for more of the Makeup Revolution chocolate palettes, but it was a moment of weakness so I thought I’d give it a proper try as I’d bought it. I also got their Bonbon palette, a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette which I’m going to try next. I decided that, as this is so close to the Naked 3 palette I’m going to have the first half of this post be a review of the palette by itself and the second half will have some comparisons to the Urban Decay palette. If you’re only interested in seeing how they compare scroll down through the first bit.

I quite like the design of the packaging, I will admit that these plastic ones aren’t my favourite as, even when it’s the Urban Decay version in the same style, they seem to feel cheap and I don’t know why. The design on the front is quite nice, you can easily tell what the palette is about, and the back has clear to read ingredients and multiple languages for the warnings. The size of this is nice, it is exactly the same as the Naked 3, as you can see in the photo, which I like for palettes that hold 12 colours as it means you get a fair amount of product, they’re well spaced but there’s not a lot of excess around so it’s good for travel.

Inside it has a big mirror which seems a good quality, there’s been no warping yet and it doesn’t have the house of mirrors feel some cheaper palettes do. It’s a good size and I used it as my only palette when travelling for a week and this mirror was good enough for that. It does have the odd hinge that means it doesn’t stay where you want it, it either leans back far or forwards so it’s a case of lean it up against something or hold it open in your hand. The closing mechanism clicks in well, it does hold even when dropped and I trusted it for a week around Ireland and it survived, no breaks or flipping open in my bag or case, so I’d say as far as safety goes it’s a good one to take anywhere.

I will admit that the brushes that come with palettes, even the nicest ones, barely get used by me. I think the only exception is an old elf one I have, but this one seems nice enough. It has the fairly soft bristles, like in the Naked 3 palette brush, that feel more silky than fluffy and do well when it comes to packing on colour but not good for mush else for me. The foam tip on the other end is a good one as far as they go, slightly rubbery feeling and grabs a lot of product if you want to be precise with it. I didn’t photograph it separately but you can see it in the header photo. It also does fit well into the brush space which is always a bonus, it doesn’t get squashed or fall out the minute you open the palette and make a mess.

Onto the eyeshadows themselves and I think the easiest way to review them is by type, and in two chunks by type as there’s a very obvious change in quality half way along. The names don’t stand out, they simply go with Na and then a number but it does make it easy to show you what I mean with the quality. I would say there are three obvious finishes in this palette; matte, shimmer and glitter, which does give a nice variety for any loook you want really.

The first seven of the eyeshadows are great quality, if you told me they were from an expensive brand I would have no problem believing you, and hold their own against most of the ones I own in similar formulas. The mattes do have a bit of a powdery feel to them when you get them out of the palette and do kick up a bit of dust but, as long as you tap off the excess, they apply really nicely and evenly. The palest one is a bit too white, even for my skin, and maybe it’s the fact it’s cheaper that makes it opaque but it does need a fair amount of blending to be used as an under brow highlight for me. The other two mattes are slightly darker and work well as blending out shades and for the outer corner.

The rest of the colours in the first seven are probably in the glitter camp. They look like shimmers but they have a fair amount of larger glitter particles in them. No03 is the possible exception as it’s smaller particles but still has a glitter feel, though none of them have that gritty texture of larger glitter particles. This formula really impressed me, it glides on easily, is opaque in one coat and blends out well. I was also surprised at how little fallout there was, I counted three pieces of glitter on my cheeks at the beginning of the day, which I left, and twelve hours later there were eight glitter pieces. To me this seems good for any brand really when it comes to glitter.

And now the last five which are lower down on the quality scale. These do not apply well, they’re patchy and not very well pigmented. They need quite a bit of building up but, if you get your desired look, they do stick surprisingly well. Again, these lasted a good twelve hours with primer without moving, creasing or fading to nothing which did really surprise me. I think that all of the colours in this section would probably come under the shimmer category, though Na12 could go in the glitter group as it does have larger particles. There isn’t much more to say about these really. If the last five are the colours that you like in this, or any of the similar palettes and dupes, then this palette probably isn’t for you.

As far as this palette goes by itself, for the price and not compared to others, then I’d say it’s a decent palette for the rose gold section. The first seven are a nice formula and the mix of colours means you can get a variety of looks even if it does mean working with the less pigmented ones. I say the less pigmented ones are bad but they’re probably on par with a lot of the cheaper eyeshadows you’d get a few years ago. Now though you can get cheaper eyeshadows that have a lot better pigmentation. These are probably on par with some of the cheaper palettes still out there, it’s just that other companies have raised the bar when it comes to drugstore eyeshadows.

I’m undecided on whether I’d recommend this palette or not. If you’re looking for a good dupe for the earlier colours of the Naked 3 or as end eyeshadow palette for nice rose gold toned glitters and neutral mattes then this is great but the second half lets it down. There’s also the feeling of it being such a close dupe and it doesn’t even really try to hide it which makes me feel slightly odd for recommending it. However, having looked up their other products, the packaging seems to be their standard so it might be a coincidence that they’re the same.

I would say that, even if this particular palette is not one you’d pick, this has made me consider looking at some of their other products. The good eyeshadows are so good at the price that, if I could actually find any in person, I’d like to have a look at them. I’m unsure about their animal testing policy, I can’t find much on them in general to be honest, so if any of you have heard of them and can point me in the direction of more info on them I’d appreciate it. Or have you tried anything from them?

Comparison to the Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

The top palette is the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and the bottom is the IDC Color Makeup Natural Palette

As it is so close to the Naked 3 it seemed like I’d be missing a chunk of the post if I didn’t include at least some photos for comparison. As you can see next to each other, in the pan, the colours are so close that they look like they should come out the same. There is the same amount of product and the pans are well stuck in, though I have found at lest five of my Urban Decay Naked 3 pans have fallen out over time so I’m hoping I put them back in the right places!

Sorry it’s not in focus, it was the best way to show the glitter/shimmer difference if there was any

As far as the swatches go it’s pretty much the same thing as in the review above; the first seven are great dupes, they last and work as well as the Naked 3 colours and it’s hard to tell them apart. The first one has got a different tone, the Naked 3 is slightly less pink and actually less opaque but other than that the first seven could be Urban Decay eyeshadows for me. The last five are the big difference, the UD ones are continuing on the pigmentation of the rest of the palette and the IDC Color ones just fall short of all the other swatches on my arm. The colours at this point are different when swatched as well.
I felt like I had to compare the packaging, it’s just so close, with the feeling that it’s almost from the same factory. It doesn’t feel any cheaper than the Urban Decay one and has the same hinge and closing mechanism and feels like a large amount of it could be from the same mounds really. I’m not a fan of this style packaging anyway so neither are my favourites but this definitely seems the closest dupe in this regard for me compared to any of the others I’ve seen mentioned.

In both photos the Naked 3 is on top and IDC Color on the bottom

I think that covers the main points to compare, unless you guys can think of something I’ve missed, so anything you want to ask me about it or how they compare I’d be happy to answer. I have a review of the Naked 3 here if you want to read it, though you’ve probably seen enough of those through the past few years, but I’d say this one stands up next to it for half the palette, it’s just the second half that really doesn’t. Though given the price difference between the two the fact that seven out of the twelve are on par seems good to me.

I would say that if you want a very close dupe to the Urban Decay Naked 3 then this could be one to consider depending on the colours you want. It’s definitely the closest packaging wise and seven of the colours are very close and behave in pretty much the same way. It all depends which colours you want the most and if the closeness of the dupe looks wise effects what you buy. If you can find this anywhere it might be worth checking out but I can’t find anywhere that stocks it in the UK at the moment, just some European sites that I haven’t heard of before so can’t recommend.

4 thoughts on “Review: IDC Color Natural Eyeshadow Palette (and a Bit of a Comparison to the Naked 3)

    1. Thanks, I’ve found it hard to find any info on them besides the palettes. I’ve seen quite a few around and they do seem quite good, like there’s a good selection of colours and finishes, if you can find them at the reduced price. Thanks for reading ☺️


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