Review: Lush Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb

I’ve only just realised how close we are to Halloween and I still hadn’t tried a couple of the Lush Halloween limited edition products so I had my first ever Lush Jelly Bomb bath with the Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb (£4.95) which was interesting and didn’t turn out quite as I expected it to.

The Jelly Bombs are a recent product type for Lush, I think it’s only been a few months since the first ones were released, and they claim to give you a jelly layer in the bath bomb alongside the normal fizzing. This version is limited edition for Halloween and is a mix of a sort of pastel neon yellow and a pastel purple with a ghost on the front, which I think is rather cute. They’re very crumbly in the outside so need to be wrapped in something if you want to keep any as they do leave a trail of bath bomb dust everywhere they sit.

I do really like the look of these jelly bombs, they all seem to have the bumps on them and I think the only difference is the colour as I think they’re both the jelly formula, I’ll say more about that later. They’re a fair size and, having used one, I would say they’d work well broken in two if you can manage it. I’d say these are a put them in a bag and hit them with something hard job when it comes to breaking rather than a clean break in two but the jelly layer idea would still work and there’s enough product to give two baths easily.

The colour change on this one surprised me, or rather the lack of colour change and the colour it turned out. It really didn’t want to photograph exactly how neon the yellow was. It’s seriously like someone’s dumped a load of highlighter pen ink in there. However there is a bit of pale purple that sort of mutes it a bit and gives it the tiniest hint of a brown green shade which is a bit odd. I can see this being one of those where the colour puts people off. 

Scent wise this one surprised me in the bath. I really couldn’t tell the scent when it was dry, for some reason it smelled slightly powdery and light with a hint of something fresh but definitely some fennel or celery in there. I have no idea where that came from as it disappeared when it hit the water but it was there for me. In the water it’s a subtle scent. To start with I thought the smell was pretty much gone until I left the room to get something while the bath was filling up. When I came back there was a very light citrus smell in the air. Nothing in your face or anything that distinguishable but definitely a citrus fruit of some kind. To be honest it was a bit too subtle for me, though it was nice it’s the kind of scent you get used to after fifteen minutes so a longer bath it loses its benefits scent wise for me.

Onto the jelly aspect, the part that makes this stand out as being a bit odd when it comes to bath products. I’m not sure what I was expecting when it said jelly layer, maybe some kind of layer like their shower jellies that dissolved in the water, I don’t know, but it wasn’t this. The dry powdery bath bomb turns to jelly when it’s exposed to water. It’s a bit of an odd jelly as well, it reminds me a lot of the weird gooey substance you get when you add water to the potato starch packing peanuts, like the ecoflo Lush use themselves. I also found that the goo smelled like that as well, the slight corn smell you get when it gets wet and gooey. I also found that the only way to really get all of the jelly is to wipe off each layer as it appears. I didn’t do this and at the end of a half hour bath there was still a large portion of the jelly bomb floating around. Also the jelly floats around in blobs rather than being a large layer. These blobs do tend to get stuck to things, like the side of the bath or leave a purple line of slime on the base of the bath that needed to be cleaned off as it emptied.

After half an hour in the water

Overall I did enjoy this bath but not something I’ll be stashing. I’ll have to see what the other jelly bombs are like but I didn’t really see any benefits from the jelly layer for my skin as it seems to say you should with the seaweed jelly. It’s a nice bath bomb but I have a feeling they’re more of a novelty than something that will become a go to product type for me. 

Have any of you tried these new jelly bombs? I have one other, the black one, in my stash which I’ll be using soon and I’m considering getting the orange marmalade one next time I do an order. Are the others like this too with the jelly blobs? I’ve not seen many reviews on these and have almost been avoiding spoilers before I tried them to see what I thought without seeing them.

3 thoughts on “Review: Lush Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb

    1. Glad the review was helpful 😄 Yeah I’m undecided on the jelly bombs but I did find that the Snow Fairy one had less of the jelly blobs by the end so that might be something that was just a lot more in the ectoplasm one


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