Review: Lush Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb

As the weather’s getting cooler it’s getting to be bath time of year, at least for me, so last month I stocked up on some bits from the Lush Halloween collection. The Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb (£4.50) is a new shape for an old favourite scent. I say old favourite, it’s fairly recent compared to some but it does come back every year in some shape since it’s first release. It has the Day of the Dead, or Calacas, scent and seems to have an eye that’s a more moisturising solid bath oil formula. I like the fact it has something different and when they mix product types into one product and they do look cute with their one giant eye.

This is a fair sized bath bomb, which could be broken in two, and actually has a fairly obvious seem which used to mean they were easy to break, but it seems to be hard and may be more of a smash up and use the dust job rather than get two clean halves. As it does have layers it may mean you lose the effect if the pink and the blue swirling around but as they blend to become a deep purple in the end I don’t think it’ll make that much difference.

As I said, this is a fair sized bath bomb and you could get two baths out of it easily, maybe three or four if you weren’t that bothered about the brightness of the colour, as it has a pretty strong scent compared to a lot of recent bath bombs I’ve had from them. It does fill the upstairs and lingers until the next morning which is more like the old Lush ballistics so the scent would be fine spread over multiple baths. 

If you’ve been buying Lush around Halloween for the past five or six years I think you’d probably have smelled something with this scent. They’ve had Calacas shower jelly and shower gel, DOTD and Calacas perfumes, Calaveras Soap and various bath bombs in it. They seem to be bringing back skullduggery in kitchen which has the same smell to me, just a different shape, and higher priced so I’d say this is better value for money unless you specifically want the more Day of the Dead themed sugar skull look. 

The scent is a sweet lime, though not the overly sugary scent you often get with lime products, it has a fresh lime scent in there too. If you’re in the U.K. to me it’s a bit like comparing fruit pastilles lime to a green wine gum. This is the green wine gum, especially when you actually put it in the bath, and has something a bit different scent wise. I think fans of citrus will love this and fans of a more refreshing bath will like it, though it is sweeter it’s less of a relaxing bath for the evening to me and isn’t overpowering or sickly.

The colours in this are so pretty. It seems to start of making the bath a bright pink with a foamy layer that a lot of recent Lush bath bombs have and then the blue centre comes out and it turns into a deep purple that’s more of a Halloween colour to me. It has the bath oil eye that seems to soften the water and make it a more moisturising bath than it might have been without leaving that bath oil Look of an oil slick on the surface or on my skin. One thing to know though is that the pupil in the eye is just chocolate and it might not melt like the rest of it, mine didn’t, so you can end up with a brown mark on the bath! If I got any of these in the future I’d dig the brown bit out, it’s an extra step but it means not having to clean the bath after!

Overall I’m very happy with this bath bomb. I bought it knowing I liked the scent, I think I’ve bought almost everything they’ve ever done in it, but the formula of the bath bomb itself is nice too. It’s not overly drying, which can happen with citrus ones in particular for me, has a nice scent that lingers in the house, even if not on my body for long, and doesn’t stay the bath despite the dark colour of the water. I would be tempted to stock up on these but I know the bath bombs do tend to lose their scent more recently and Calacas or Day of the Dead is a popular scent so I can see it coming back in various products in the new version of Retro of the kitchen or whatever they’re doing so it might not be worth stashing.

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