Review:  Dr. Organic Tea Tree Deep Pore Charcoal Mask

My skin is definitely acne prone and I’ve been using the Black Magic face wash from One Hand Washes the Other for years but the customs charges I always get hit with make it so much more expensive so I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement that’s easy to access in the UK and this Dr Organic Tea Tree Deep Pore Charcoal Mask might be the closest I’ve found yet. 

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might be aware that I am a fan of the Dr Organic range, or at least a fair amount of their products, as they often seem to work for my skin and hair plus, as a brand, they’re cruelty free and use a lot of natural ingredients. This particular mask, or face wash as I’ve also been using it for, is also vegan friendly. As far as I’m aware Dr Organic is exclusive to Holland and Barrett’s here in the UK and this mask is part of the skin clear range which includes a face wash and moisturiser. It costs £6.99 for the 100ml tube and can be found online or in some of their stores.

The packaging for this range is a lot brighter than most of the Dr Organic products I’ve seen or used, the metallic turquoise section on the front makes it stand out and I’d say it’s got a unisex look, not aimed at any particular audience so it doesn’t look out of place in a bathroom. Some acne and spot treatments tend to be aimed at a certain audience and a lot of these are teens, though this seems less obvious in recent years than when I was a teenager. 

Ingredients, hopefully they’re readable despite bending round the tube

I do like the Dr Organic packaging. Although it may not be the prettiest out there it’s always clear to understand and includes anything you want to know, things like the benefits, instructions and ingredients alongside the active ingredients or things not included in the product that you may want to avoid for various reasons like SLS, parabens or synthetic colours. For this face mask the tube it’s in is very easy to use, it’s soft and means that it’s pretty easy to get the last of the product out, even if that means cutting into it, does anyone sales do that? The hole the mask comes out of is simply a hole in the lid so it can get a bit messy but it’s not too bad if you remember to wipe it if it looks a bit messy as it’s just around the outside and the inside doesn’t set so it doesn’t make it hard to get the product out.

As far as ingredients go the list of bioactive ingredients on this mask reads a bit like a who’s who of natural spot treatments. The main ones you can see or smell are definitely the charcoal, tea tree, aloe and spearmint for me which give it a nice, fresh scent. The charcoal alongside the clay base give it a grey look and you can see the flecks of charcoal in it if you look closely. It’s definitely one of those where you don’t need much, you apply it thinly and leave it to dry going by the instructions, and it’s the kind of consistency that makes it easy to spread even though it feels like it should be thicker when you squeeze it out of the tube.

When I ordered this I managed to miss the fact there was a face wash and thought, as this has similar ingredients to the wash I used before, I’d give it a go as a wash as well. I have to say it works as well for that, you just apply it and rinse it off or use a cloth or sponge to remove it. It doesn’t lather up but it covers your skin well and it’s a bit of a less extreme way of using it if it’s a bit strong for your skin. I have sensitive skin and no problems as far as that goes but as there are so many active ingredients it may be a problem for others with sensitive skin. It actually does feel cooling and calming when you apply it which I was pleasantly surprised by.

Using it as a mask is just as easy. You apply it, leave it to dry for a bit and then leave it to sit for a couple of minutes extra. It doesn’t take long to dry, I just leave it when I’m brushing my teeth, but it does benefit from a sponge to remove it. The clay seems to clog my flannel and it sticks a bit much for just water. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean and it’s definitely not as strong or drying as a lot of spot treatment masks so I have been using it twice a week as it says you can, so far no problems nearly two months on. When you apply the mask it does seem to absorb in parts, as least it has for me, and you can see all the pores in that area as they seem to suck it in, which can look a bit odd but it’s also kind of satisfying. It’s bit like when you pull off a nose pore strip and you see everything stuck to it, a bit weird but oddly satisfying.

As far as the long term effects, beyond the same day, I do find it to be more drying than the other washes I use but that is to be expected with a product targeting acne prone skin. It works well on smaller spots, the kind of hormonal breakout or when my pores get clogged, and definitely has reduced the amount of spots I’ve had in general since using it. 

Doesn’t look the prettiest product but it works. I also overestimated how much I needed, this was double what it took

As my skin is dry, acne prone and sensitive it can be hard to find a good cleanser or face wash that’s targeted at the spot treatment side of things that doesn’t set off the other problem areas of my skin and this one seems to fit in just fine. I’ve had no surprise breakouts in the time frame I often get them when trying something new and it hasn’t left my skin feeling tight or especially red. I’d say this is a good one to try if your skin needs a gentler solution than some of the products out there. I’d still say it’s worth a go if you have problem skin and your skin can take anything because it might be a nice treatment once or twice a week as a face mask alongside others or to give your skin a break on those days from the stronger products. If you’ve already got a routine that works for you though, I’d say stick with it if you can as I know how hard and expensive it can be to find the perfect one when it comes to spots.

Given the price and how many products I have gone through in the past trying to find the perfect one for my skin I’ll be sticking with this. Or maybe I’ll give the actual wash a go, see how it compares. I’d think it might be slightly more drying if it lathers but it’d be interesting to see. Have any of you tried anything in the Skin Clear range from Dr Organic? If so how did you get on and what was it? I’ve only just found out about and saw it in store today for the first time so saw the other things too and I’m intrigued to see if they’re as good for my skin as this one.

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