Review: Primark PS… Get Lippy Metallic Lip Kit in Molten Lava

Until recently the Primark I go to hasn’t had that much of a range of the beauty products that have been seeing everywhere on blogs, so when I went in and they had some colours I liked the look of I got them. They didn’t have a huge range, I think this was one of two metallic lip kits and there were two mattes, but enough to try them out and at £3 each for a set with a lip liner and a liquid lipstick it seemed like a great deal to give them a go.

The colour I’ve got is from the Get Lippy Metallic Collection and is a sort of coppery coral kind of metallic colour called Molten Lava. The liquid lipstick and lip liner are both the same colour, I’m assuming they’re both called Molten Lava as well, and I haven’t seen any of these available separately. Unfortunately Primark don’t sell online so it’s either risk paying over the odds on eBay or a similar site or go into the stores and see what they have in stock.

The outer packaging for these sets is rather plain and, to be honest, bulkier than it needs to be, but it does have the information such as the ingredients on the back and the window means you can see exactly what the products packaging inside is like and, with the pencil liner anyway, the colour of the product itself. I say that as the liquid lipsticks in the Get Lippy range are all in an opaque plastic tube that is the colour they’re supposed to be but, going from the experience with the matte lipstick which you can find here, that’s not always the case so it’s worth checking online to see a comparison of the outer packaging to the actual colour of the product if you can find it. 

The products themselves have pretty nice packaging and, in this case, the outer solid colour of the liquid lipstick tube is actually pretty close to the product colour itself. It has the standard doe foot applicator which is fairly easy to control, though the length of the stick on this one seems to make it clumsier, or maybe it’s the handle I’m not sure, I did find I ended up going over the line of where I wanted to quite often. The lip liner is a matte black plastic with gold accents and writing which do give it a more expensive look to me. It’s a standard lip pencil and you have to sharpen it, though you probably have a pencil sharpener in your makeup kit so the fact there’s no sharpener in the lid like a lot of companies do now is no real loss.

I seem to gravitate towards these more coral duochrome type colours when it comes to metallic look finishes for beauty products but this is a really nice colour. To be honest I’m not sure I’d call it metallic as it doesn’t come off as a foil look like I’d expect with a lot of metallic products, more of a shimmer with a duochrome but it’s still a really nice colour, especially in the summer for me. The two products do match each other colour wise, the liquid lipstick might be slightly more coral and it’s definitely more opaque but they’re pretty close.

You can see how soft the liner is, this is after one use.

The lip liner is very soft, though it does take a bit of warming up to get it working well, but unfortunately it does apply quite patchy for me. It took three coats for it to cover my lips without being obviously patchy which isn’t great and it seems to have a consistency that makes it feel almost like it doesn’t set, it definitely needs something on top of it. This slightly tacky feeling helps when it comes to the kit though as it does mean the liquid lipstick has something extra to hold onto. By itself it transfers easily and doesn’t last an hour so not one to use as a colour on its own.

The liquid lipstick is very opaque, I thought to start with it wouldn’t benefit from the liner but it does. It applies really easily and it’s a thin formula so it does go into any lines on your lips but doesn’t accentuate them which is good. I think the metallic look helps with this though. It does dry surprisingly well, ten or fifteen minutes after applying it I tried blotting it on a tissue and there was minimal transfer, and there isn’t too much that transfers off onto things, just a hint of colour on hot drinks cups for me. It’s also not one that feels too drying for me, though it does have a slightly odd, almost powdery feeling to it and I kept feeling like I needed to rub my lips together which is never great for keeping a product on. Kind of predictably it only really lasted maybe a couple of hours before I needed to reapply when used on its own. However, as I said, it doesn’t leave me feeling like I need to reach for lip balm and it also managed to stay on overnight when I forgot to remove it, it was just a slight shimmery hint but I quite liked that look.

They may not be great separately but when I used them together, as intended, they lasted well and they made up for each other’s failings. Though when applied separately they started to fade fairly quickly and were each patchy in different ways the fact that the two products held onto each other helped a lot. The liquid lipstick drying got rid of that tacky feeling on the lip liner and the liner grabbed my lips and added an almost primer layer to the lipstick. With the two combined it lasted four hours, with eating and drinking, before I needed to apply it. 

Comparing the actual product colour to the tube and the box. They’re not too far off this time.

It’s not the best lip kit out there and I wouldn’t recommend it as one to wear for a meal out unless you’re happy to reapply it regularly but for the price it’s a decent set. It does seem like these Primark sets are a bit hit and miss depending on the colour but I’d say that this Molten Lava one is nice enough. I don’t think I’ll be using either separately, unless I go for the slight shimmer or uochrome look the liquid lipstick gave on top of something else, but together they’re ok.

Sorry if these photos today still aren’t the best quality, it’s still my iPad because my computer’s not playing nice, but I think it actually catches the light quite well and shows the colour off true to life. Have any of you guys tried the Primark Metallic Collection kits? We’re the colours you used any better or worse or any you’d recommend trying? 

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