Review: Lush Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb

In a recent haul I bought a range of the current Christmas products from Lush, the first of the new products that I’ve tried is the Lush Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb (£4.50). It’s a slightly warmer winter scent, great for cold days when you want a hot bath to warm you up, but has a hint of a sweet citrus in there for me too.

I have to say that I really like the look of this one and it’s a fair sized product too, it’s one of the larger style bath bombs, like fizzbanger or the dragons egg that they’ve had in their permanent line. You could definitely get two baths out of this no problem, if you can manage to break it in two, though you would lose a bit of the fizzing and colours effect that you get with it whole due to the layers but I think it’s worth it to get an extra bath. It’s not the strongest scented Lush product out there but I think it’d do two baths fine.

I love the pattern, I’m a big fan of Christmas sweaters and this red and white knit style print so having it on a bath bomb is a nice look. It also looks great out on the side in the bathroom as it doesn’t make a mess everywhere and has that Christmas feel plus it’s useful. Is it weird I think of bath products as decorations sometimes until I use them or do you guys do that too?

The scent for this one is really nice and not overpowering considering it has the warm winter spices as a hint in it. It’s definitely got a sweet citrus smell to it to me as well, maybe a spiced clementine or satsuma rather than the sharpness of an orange. It’s odd how Christmas citrus fruits seem sweeter, especially when it comes to bath scents, but it’s there and has the fruity hint to me.

The bath bomb has a bit of a foamy layer in it, it does leave slight bubbles around the water as it fizzes around but it starts off with this thick foam when it begins to dissolve. I think this might be one of the things that gives the water the softer feeling I get with this bath bomb. It’s definitely not too drying, though it’s not a moisturising product like a bath oil or bubble bar is, it’s not one that I get out of the bath and immediately feel like I need to cover myself in moisturiser like I do with some in the past.

There are different colours in it, there’s definitely a yellow but I have a feeling I saw some green too, it just disappeared into the general red water too quickly and the bath bomb itself was moving too much for me to catch it on camera. I may have been imagining it and this may be one of those bath bombs that has different colours in for different individual bombs, I remember they did something like that with a golden wonder one year so it might be similar. It definitely leaves the water a bright red colour, a slightly orangey red, and you do have to be careful when you’re emptying the bath at the end to wipe along the bottom as it goes or it will end up leaving you with a bright red base to your bath and you’ll have to rinse around the next day. It has left a red ring around the plug hole, which is rather annoying, and two baths later it’s still there so I’m going to have to find something to try and get that off.

If you’re a fan of winter scents that aren’t overpowering I can see this one being good for you. I can’t really see anything about this one that would be offputting for anyone, unless you really hate the idea of red bath water, as it’s not overly strong or one of their complex, unusual scents. I’m not sure if it’s one that I will be stashing in the future but it’s definitely one that’ll be going on my list to get again if I run out of bath products while it’s still around.

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