Review: Sleek Makeup Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette

Considering I don’t really do highlighting I seem to have jumped in the deep end with my first proper highlighting products, if you don’t count ones in face palettes, with the Tony Moly rainbow one and now this Sleek Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette. I think it’s one of the most colourful, least subtle highlighter palettes I’ve found and I kind of love that about it.

I did only really get this palette as it’s part of an offer in Boots where you get this and the three matte metallic lip colours for £15 (you can find the set here online) and each of the lip colours costs £4.99 so this was essentially 3p so it seemed too good an offer to pass up. Plus look at the colours, they’re just so pretty! On its own this palette costs £10.99 and contains five highlighters; three creams and two powders, with five different colours. I’d say two were duochrome type highlighters, two are more shimmer and one is a mix of both with added glitter in the mix so these aren’t you’re everyday highlighting products, or not for me anyway. It does say on the box that they’re multipurpose so I’ve given them a bit of a go for other uses too which was fun to play around with.

As always I’ll start with the packaging and it’s pretty standard for Sleek when it comes to the outer card case. It has the fairly matte black finish with a decent represntation of the colours inside, as close as they can be with the finish. This time the colours are pretty much spot on so you get the idea of what you’ll get inside, just minus the shimmer. It does also include the ingredients and some basic instructions. It does mention these are multipurpose too and gives some ideas on where they’d work best which might be unnecessary but if you’re new to makeup it does give you ideas. 

The palette itself is very shiny, it’s a very reflective silver, though it’s pretty much a fingerprint magnet and once they’re on there you will never get it completely silver again. I guess it’s something in the oils on your fingers but you get an oil slick looking finish with rainbow colours in the light. On the back it does have a repeat of some of the information on the box but it also includes the names of the five highlighting shades. This is nice but, as there’s no way of knowing which is which inside, not all that helpful!

I would apologise for the iPad photos again, also the obvious finger marks as I had to retake these with my computer not working, but I actually think the iPad managed to pick up the colours better

I do love Sleek palettes, the palettes themselves have a nice hinge that holds open even after years of use and the mirrors are always a good size and done warp and are easy to clean. I also really like the arrangement of these, the fact the blue has less really doesn’t bother me as it’s the full on glitter and duochrome combination shade so I can see it being used the least by everyone really.

When it comes to swatching I’ve separated them into cream and powder, it just seemed the obvious way to do it as the formulas are pretty much the same for each of the types. The creams are so nice and easy to use. They go on really smoothly and can be pretty opaque if you want them. As highlighters these were slightly more subtle than the powders, at least the pink and the green ones are, the blue really isn’t. They blend out well and become pretty sheer without too much rubbing, plus the creamy formula means they spread well and you don’t have to rush to move them around. I will say that the pink and green in this formula are my favourites in the palette, probably the pink slightly more so as it’s a bit more wearable. One thing with these as highlighters is that they are slightly greasy, which isn’t too much of a problem in my dry skin but the acne prone aspect wasn’t so happy with them and I can see it maybe being a problem with oilier skin types, you’d need to have a good, dryer base or set them somehow.

Cream highlighters blended out

The cream hilighters actually work fairly well on your lips, the formula is so smooth and creamy it almost has a lip balm or Vaseline feel and looked pretty good on my lips. It worked best on top of a flat base, so a matte or cream lip product, as it stood out more and the glitter in the blue really popped, wheras the other two gave a duochrome sheen look unless I built them up. None of these worked on my eyes as they just wouldn’t set and moved and creased so easily even with a primer or powder in top.

The powder highlighters are much more of a shimmer with glitter in that spreads everywhere to give a very shimmery look. And when I say everywhere I mean it, I was finding it on my clothes a day or so later after these swatches and there’s a fair amount of fallout if you’re not careful. As far as using them as highlighters, if you like your highlighters TK have the shimmery look then these will be great. They applied evenly, precisely when I wanted them to, and blended out well even if the glitter did go further than planned the first couple of tries. They set well on any base and stay for as long as I wanted them to. They also can be pretty opaque, if you apply them with a smaller brush they can be quite dramatic, whereas a bigger brush can give you a nice sweep of glittery shimmer which works well on your face or to highlight your body if you want.

These powders work so well as eyeshadow type products, they sit well when you use them with a primer and last a decent amount of time, I’d say I saw extra fallout and slight fading around the five hour mark but there was still a lot of product when I went to remove it nine hours after I applied it. You do have to be careful of fallout but I love the golden tones of the top right colour and the bottom left gives a really nice pinky duochrome to any darker eye colour as well as working well in the inner corner, just be careful to tap the excess glitter off! These didn’t work as lip colours, but then I wasn’t really expecting them to, they did stick to glossier lip products or ones that don’t truly set but then they seem to come off easily in everything. They’re nice for instagram or a quick photo but nothing to last you beyond half an hour or an hour when I tried.

Overal, I’m very happy with this palette, they do have very different applications and I can see myself using them more for their other uses than as highlighters, simply due to the colours in three of them. Though the golden one would look amazing on darker skin tones it doesn’t suit my pale skin quite as much as I wish it did. I would say that going by this palette and reviews of others I’ve read it seems like Sleek know how to do a highlighting palette and, although I can recommend others as I haven’t tried them, this one is definitely worth checking out if you love some colour and shimmer in your makeup. Especially worth it with that offer in Boots at the moment if you can get it.

4 thoughts on “Review: Sleek Makeup Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette

    1. They’re so nice, I love the duochrome unusual colours though haven’t had the courage to leave the house with them as full on highlighters yet! I think I’ve liked everything I’ve tried from sleek though their eyeshadow palettes and this highlight palette definitely stand out for me.

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