Lush Christmas 2017

I feel like I’ve had to do this a few times recently but I’m starting this post saying sorry about another computer issue! It seems to be stuck typing \ all the time so sorry if any rogue back slashes appear in this post, I think I caught them all but one or two might sneak through! Also these photos have been taken on my iPad. Hopefully normal service will resume shortly but it may be time to admit the computer has had enough. It seems a bit like it’s one thing after the other recently doesn’t it? Anyway, on with the scheduled post!

I may not buy as much Lush any more, six years ago this blog would have pretty much been 90% Lush, but I seem to always have a bit of a weakness when it comes to their Christmas range. This year, like in recent years, they have a mix of returning favourites alongside new scents and products. I did end up getting more than I originally planned with a mix of new and old and I think I’m most interested in the newest product type of the solid shower gel, to see how it compares to the traditional bottles and their jellies.

I bought quite a range of products types, though I mainly stuck with bath products as I know some of their skin care products in the past work for me but then it’s a rush of finding a new one that works when the stash runs out. I would also say that, going by my past experiences, the shower gels and similar tend to be the most consistent when it comes to scent, bubble bars tend to be ok but dry out and lose scent over time more than they used to so try not to stash too many early on in the season.

The first one I knew I was going to get was a bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel (£8.50 for 250g or £13.95 for 500g), I went for the 250g bottle. This is a replacement of the large one I bought in the sales last year that just ran out. It’s a nice, creamy formula that lathers well and isn’t too drying but not the most moisturising formula either. Scent wise this is one of those that goes with the colour, the pink glitter gloopy formula fits the sweet, sticky almost bubblegum scent. It really reminds me of the scent or flavour of a medicine we used to have when we were little, calpol, pretty much pure sugar with a sweet, slightly fruity scent that makes me think of boiled sweets or a generic candied fruit smell.

The second shower gel I went for, another 250g bottle, is another returning from last year. It’s the Bubbly shower gel (£9.95 for 250g or £16.50 for 500g), a slightly citrus and fresh scent with some sweetness and a slightly fizzy smell, which sounds an odd thing to say but it does have a fizzy drink hint. The scent is supposed to be the same as Celebrate, Snowshowers and others in the same range of scents. I do love the smell and it’s one I might be stashing after in the sales.

The solid shower gels are made in moulds the same shape as bottles with, what feels like, wax in place of the lids which slips off the top. I haven’t tried it yet to know what the formula is like but it’s a lot more solid than I expected, I was thinking it would be close to a jelly in feeling, and seems like they’re a creamier and softer formula than a soap, I can make a mark in them fairly easily with my finger.

I accidentally bought two Snow Fairies (£8.25 for 240g), I meant to get one, and I thought it’d be a good one to compare when I’ve had so many bottles of the standard shower gel in the past. It still has the same scent and the iridescent glitter is a nice touch.

Berry Berry Christmas solid shower gel (£11.75 for 240g) is one that smells very different than I expected it to. With the name I was expecting something fruity, something berryish, maybe blackberry or something sweet close to the comforter rather than the fresh, greener scent that it is. It definitely smells similar to grass, a scent they used to do, and smells of leaves and maybe a hint of blackberry or something like that. I’m not sure if it’ll stand out more when I use it but don’t expect a straight berry scent with this one.

The Plum Snow bubble bar (£5.95) is a lot bigger than I expected, I think I’ll be getting four baths out of it if I’m careful, and I really like the look of it, there’s something about a purple bath that I like. If you’ve smelled the Plum Rain shower gel then this is the same scent. It’s definitely not overly sweet, it has a sour plum smell though the bubble bar has less of the tartness you get in the bottle and is a bit of a softer scent. In the two weeks between it arriving and this post it has dried out a bit so I’m going to see how well it lasts before I decide whether to stash any or not but the scent makes me want to as it’ll be a great all year bath smell.

I’m finding it hard to actually describe My Two Front Teeth Bubble Bar (£3.95) when it comes to scent. It’s one that reminds me of an old Lush product, I can’t put my finger on which though, and is an unusual smell. It reminds me of something herbal, almost medicinal in a way which is odd, and it’s a pretty subtle scent. It’s a nice unisex smell, though I would say it might be one that would be best smelled in store first. The jury’s out on this one, whether I like it or not but it’ll be interesting to see how it smells in the bath as I have a feeling it may be one of those Lush scents that transforms in water.

Tree-D Bath Oil (£4.50) is the first Lush bath oil I’ve bought in a while and I’m remembering why I stopped with this one. It’s a solid death oil that melts in hot water and. I really like the 3D tree design that slots together so it’s actually two bath oil portions in one. The scent for this one was very disappointing. I thought at first it was because it was in the box if highly scented things that I couldn’t smell it but even after it had been out for a day or so it’s a very subtle smell that I only got when I really tried to smell it. It’s a light, vaguely citrus scent that isn’t too sharp, slightly sweet and creamy maybe. After having it for a week I realised the edges were changing colour and it was shrinking slightly, the scent has pretty much completely gone even after breaking off a bit and putting it in hot water. As I ended up having to use newer photos than the originals I took you can see the changing colour above. I’ll be giving it a go but I don’t have my hopes up for it. It’s definitely not one I’d stash, if you’re ant to bug this then planing using it within the first few days.

Christmas Sweater (£4.50) is one of the products that stood out the most to me looks wise, I do love a good red and white pattern at Christmas, and it has a nice, fairly subtle, spiced satsuma type scent to me. It doesn’t have the sharpness of orange and it’s not overpoweringly spiced but it’s a nice, warming relaxing bath type smell that’s perfect for cooler days. It does have a few clouds inside but turns the bath water bright red. It’s the first of the Christmas products I’ve actually tried so I’ll be putting up a proper review with just that some time soon. Unfortunately the original photo of this is gone and I used it before the new ones so here’s a photo I took for the review on my phone.

The final Snow Fairy scented product I ordered is one of the Snow Fairy Jelly Bombs (£4.95). I haven’t tried this product type yet, I really should have considering I’ve had one in my stash for a while, but the scent is one I like all year round so I might be stashing a couple of these. Snow Fairy definitely seems to be one of those love it or hate it smells so it’s worth either going for a cheaper product in it or getting in store to have a smell. I will say that these seem like one Bath only products with that jelly layer in them so these are more luxury bath ones to me given the price. I know all Lush is really but the normal bath bombs and bubble bars you can get multiple uses out of, this product seems like that’s less likely to get the full impact.

Sherbet Dip Bath Bomb (£3.75) I think may become one a favourite for me and I’m definitely planning on buying more of these if they’re as nice in the water as I expect. The scent is pure sherbet lemon, a sharp fizzy sort of smell with a fresh lemon scent that will be great as an all year round bath products to me. It also turns the bath bright green, having looked at photos it seems to anyway, so you don’t get a bright yellow bath which sometimes puts people off. A good wake you up kind of bath smell rather than one for a late evening relaxing bath.

I have to admit I did get a lot more than I originally planned in this order but I’m happy with 90% of it and I’m happy with the mix of old and new I got. The Christmas range seems to grow each year so if you want to try as much as possible I’d say get buying early unless you planing doing one massive order that will cost you a lot in one go to get a good range. There are some old favourites I didn’t notice when I did this order that I might get later in the year, Christmas Eve bubble bar is one, and a lot of products I’ve tried before are returning so I’ll either get them in the sake knowing that I like the or give them a miss.

Have any if you guys got anything from the Lush range yet? They seem to be bringing it out earlier every year or is that just me? Any of the other products you’d like to know about? I’ve tried quite a few of the older ones and they seem to be the same formula so I might be able to answer anything you want to know on them.

Hope you’re all enjoying the start of autumn, or spring if you’re in the south, it’s definitely starting to feel like it! Good weather for warm evening baths though.

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