Lush Halloween 2017


This year Lush seem to have released quite a range for Halloween, especially considering that not that long ago there were years where it was pretty last minute and they even hinted at not releasing any Halloween themed products. I only got four, and one of these seems to be in the Christmas range for some reason but it definitely feels more Halloween to me.

I decided to go for four things, to be honest the rest didn’t really appeal to me but I do like the fact that they’ve done a black lip product to go into the makeup side of the holiday. I only wish I’d managed to get one of the Ghost shower gels when they were in the kitchen and crossing my fingers they release it again as that’s one of my favourite Lush scents and definitely something Halloween themed. If you have a favourite Halloween product from the past, Calacas scented things always seem popular, then it’s worth checking out the kitchen section in the lead up to Halloween.


Sparkly Pumpkin and Bewitched Bubble Bars


The first thing I bought is one that’s been released in the past and been reshaped and renamed from past holidays in the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar (£4.25). It looks sparkly and I can say it’s not just glitter, it feels like it deserves capital letters GLITTER, this stuff sticks to everything before you use it. When you use it you will end up sparkly along with your bath, towels and any clothes you put on afterwards and that stuff sticks so you might be finding it three showers later. The scent of this is one I really like, it’s a green scent and slightly fruity, a fresh citrus hint to it. If you’ve had anything Snowman scented from the past few years at Christmas I’m pretty sure it’s the same scent, as well as the Carrot products in the past at Easter. The bubble bar does do two baths easily, three if you don’t mind about less bubbles.

The Bewitched bubble bar (£4.25) in the shape of a cat is a nice looking bubble bar and survived the post despite the ears which I thought would fall off. The scent of this one really reminds me of something they’ve done in the past. It says blackberry scented but this really doesn’t smell of blackberry at all to me, it’s quite a unisex scent, at least the one I have, and not a very strong smell. I can see this one lasting two baths as well.


Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb and Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb


Fans of the Calacas or Day of the Dead scent will like The Monsters’ Ball bath bomb (£4.50) as it has the exact some smell. It’s a pretty big bath bomb so I can see it lasting two baths if you can break it in two, though you’d lose any effects of the layers, to make it more value for money. If you haven’t had anything Calacas scented before it’s a fresh, lime scent that’s quite a sweet smell as well. It’s not the traditional lime sweets scent though. If you’re in the UK it’s the smell of lime Wine Gums so has that sharp hint to it.

The final product I got is the one with the new scent, to me anyway. It’s the Ectoplasm jelly bath bomb (£4.95) which I don’t see working for more than the one bath given the jelly layer in it but it could. The scent for this one is one of Lush’s more unusual ones as, to me, it’s a light, fresh scent and for some reason has a hint of celery to me. I’m not sure if anyone else gets this as well. I don’t get the tangerine and grapefruit but maybe they’ll come out in the bath when I use it. I still haven’t used any of these jelly bombs, I did buy one when they were released but it’s sat in my stash, so I’m intrigued to see how these work and will definitely be reviewing this one when I do.

Some of the other products there this year include a Pink Pumpkin that seems to have clove and vanilla but otherwise has a similar description to the Sparkly Pumpkin I bought so I’m not sure how different it is. There’s also a couple of Lord of Misrule products with the shower cream and bath bomb, it’s a peppery scent which is nice but the shower cream is too watery for me after it’s been used a few times, which is probably why it was on a recent discontinued products list, and it’s a bath bomb to be careful of if you have sensitive skin. The black lip products sound interesting and the Pumpkin bath bomb smells of pumpkin pie so fans of bakery scents might be interested in that one.

Have any of you guys tried any of the new Lush Halloween products? Do you know the product the Bewitched bubble bar smells like? It’s one I know but I can’t remember the name of. I’m tempted to buy a couple of Sparkly Pumpkins but otherwise I don’t think anything is stash worthy from this lot of products.

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