A Bit of a Catch Up


I thought, as I’ve been away for a few weeks, I’d start blogging again with a bit of a catch up. I haven’t really done that much of an update on my goals, my planned no buy September and what I’m doing with the blog coming up. I’ve actually found that the few weeks off, though the reason for the break wasn’t great, has actually helped me clear my head and get more focussed on what I’m going to do with my blog, or want to anyway.

I did get a bit stuck in a rut, despite posting about trying to get out of it before, and did find myself wondering whether I should keep blogging before all of this happened as you look around and see newer blogs doing better with views and likes and things and getting more companies working with them and it did sort of sit there in the back of my mind. However, having had the break, I’m really looking forward to blogging more and have ideas as well as all the things I had planned on posting the past few weeks.

Also, before I start, I want to say thanks to everyone who left messages before. I haven’t been on the blog really since I posted about my Grandpa dying so coming back and reading them was really nice. Sorry for not replying to them all but it means a lot that you posted.

I don’t think I really posted about it but I planned to have September as a no buy month, as far as beauty was concerned, and I actually did pretty well! I will admit to getting a few things for my room, including the planner in the header for this, but the only beauty related things I bought in September were some bits from the Lush Halloween and Christmas releases and even then a lot of them were either replacing old ones I finished or because I was out of bath products. That may sound like a bit of an excuse but I do love baths now the weather’s getting cooler and they really help my achey muscles so I try to make sure I have bath things in and I had finally got down to literally two! Took me a while and it felt a bit weird knowing I won’t have any of some of my old favourites that they don’t make any more but it’s helping me destash too and I got to try some new things too. I will try not to stash them in the sales this year.

September also turned into one of those months that I had a lot of empties. I don’t know how many of you this happens for but I tend to find that for months my bigger bottles like shower gels, cleansers and moisturisers keep going and then they all finish at once. That happened to me so I’ll have a big empties post coming up soon. I actually remembered to photograph things before I threw them out, I think this may be a first!

As far as goals go I didn’t have that many for my blog, I did have one of posting three times a week which kind of disappeared recently but until the past month I was doing well. I also had the goal of getting some kind of theme or look which I still haven’t settled on yet. Maybe I’ll put that off for next year and focus on getting my posts back to how I want them first.

Lifestyle goals I’ve actually done pretty well with, which did surprise me. There have been a few breaks where the diet kind of got forgotten but I could really tell when it did as my blood sugar was all over the place so it’s reinforced the idea that sticking to it as much as possible is definitely the best for my health and energy levels. Even with the bad weather recently I’ve been going for walks most days and now can do quite a bit more than I could when I started. Still nothing huge but it’s an improvement and I’m still managing the exercises without feeling too rough so it’s all pretty positive there.

I’ve also applied for a part time job, well, applying for it at he moment as I’m waiting for a reference thing, but as it’s a part time job for limited hours from home I’m hoping I’ll get it as they don’t come along very often at all. I’m trying not too get too excited, let’s face it the fact that they are so rare means a lot of people will go for it, but it sounds pretty much perfect so I’m crossing my fingers!

Anyway, I think that’s pretty much everything that’s happened recently. I realised I don’t tend to do many blog posts that are actual blogging rather than reviews and it’s actually kind of fun doing them, hopefully you guys enjoy reading them and I don’t go on too much! I do have some reviews and other posts planned, there are so many advent calendars out there this year I have a fantasy list of the ones I’d buy so think I might do a post on that and December will be the annual advent daily posts. Are there any posts you guys would like to see me do? I keep wanting to do things other than reviews but then I kind of get overwhelmed by the list of possible posts and think everyone else has done them so maybe people wouldn’t want to see mine. I’ve been planning a what’s in my bag post for ages but it keeps getting pushed back when I buy new things!

I hope you’re all doing great, or as well as possible, and enjoying the beginning of autumn (or spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere). The rest of this week will be Lush posts so if you want to see what I got from the Halloween and Christmas range recently then check back in Wednesday and Friday!

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