Review: Tony Moly I’m Real Broccoli Sheet Mask


I do love a good sheet mask and bought a set of the Tony Moly ones a while ago from eBay for around £10. Most of them have been sat there for a few months but I finally got round to trying the Broccoli Sheet Mask which is supposed to help with vitality so brighten your skin and give it a healthy glow. I have to say this is one of the more intriguing ones, I don’t think I’ve ever used a broccoli based skin care product before.

Sheet masks have become more popular in the UK with a lot of companies bringing out their own versions but I haven’t seen the Tony Moly ones around much despite other products from them being available here. However, I have seen these Brocoli ones in TK Maxx recently and it seems they cost £4.99 there going by the online price so I’d recommend eBay if you’re interested in trying them.


I really like the look of the Tony Moly range, the cartoon style art and the shape of the outline of whatever is the special ingredient on the top stands out. It also makes it easy to see which mask it is you’re picking out. They do look good out on the side, I have the pile of them in a box so you can see the top poking out, and I like the way they look.


The information on the sachet is mainly in Korean but it’s easy to follow the instructions, the pictures make it obvious what you should do if you haven’t used a sheet mask before.


The mask itself is a pretty soft material, it feels nicer than some of the cheap ones I’ve tried that almost feel like wet wipes soaked in excess solution and a bit scratchy. This one isn’t quite slimy but it’s definitely closer to that end of the scale. There’s quite a bit if excess liquid in the sachet, I’ve kept the leftovers to use with a compressed sheet mask I have and see how well it works for that so there’s more than one mask’s worth in the sachet.


The sheet mask is also a nice shape, the edges have slits in so it forms to your face well. The amount of liquid means it sticks well, the only part that came loose in the time I had it on was the but between my nose and mouth which always dries out on these things. It’s not a hugs mask and I found that, for my face, the nose and eyes weren’t over sized and fit well on my face rather than having that feeling of it slipping off like with some.


After 25 minutes still holding on pretty well. Is it possible to take a good photo in a sheet mask?


The face mask is supposed to help with vitality so give your skin a healthy glow and energise tired skin. I have to say that, of the sheet masks I’ve tried so far, this has the biggest impact on my skin in the days afterwards. It made my skin feel soft and slightly moisturised but without being too moisturised or making my acne flare up. My skin is dry but acne prone and sensitive and this helped with the dry patches without causing problems for the other skin types

I can see this one working for all skin types, I think even oilier skin would work though I can’t say from experience. The refreshing feeling and fact it’s not too moisturising should mean it’s not too much.



As far as I can tell, reading online, Tony Moly is a cruelty free company and does not test on animals meaning that this product is also cruelty free which is great, especially for a Korean cosmetics company as it seems even rarer there. I don’t know, however, if this is a vegan or vegetarian friendly product, I don’t know the ingredients to look out for so here’s the ingredients for you to check if that’s important to you.

I would say this is definitely one of the sheet masks I’ll be looking at getting when my current stash of masks is gone. It worked well for my skin type, was comfortable to use and I’ll definitely be using the excess liquid on the compressed masks I also got from TK Maxx recently.

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