Review: NYX Lip Lingerie in Embellishment


The NYX Lip Lingerie range was actually the product I was most looking forward to when it comes to liquid lipsticks but for ages the colours I wanted weren’t in stock when I wanted to make an order. However, on my latest Boots order Embellishment was available so that went straight in my basket. The Lip Lingerie line cost £7 each and come in a 4ml (0.13 fl. oz.) tube.

These liquid lipsticks are a matte formula that is supposed to be highly pigmented and long lasting and feel as if you have nothing on your lips. I was interested to see if that’s true as most mattes are known for being drying so any I can find that don’t leave me wanting to use lip balm every ten minutes are always good.

Embellishment is a fairly light colour, I would say it’s on the light end of the dark colour scale, if that makes sense. It definitely seens to be one that it depends on the light you’re in, at times it looks like a sort of lavender colour, others it’s definitely a darker ‘nude’ colour with a blue or purple tint.

The packaging for these is nice, it’s a fairly standard format with the black twist off lid and clear tube that means you can see the exact colour and how much you have left. It has a doe foot applicator, though it’s longer and more flexible than a lot and I can’t decide whether I like it or not. The flexibility does feel nice but the fact it’s so long takes some getting used to after the standard size and I found it harder to control to start with. The handle is, again, pretty standard and easy to hold, though the longer applicator at the end makes it feel overly long, I don’t think the wand part is actually longer than a standard lip gloss or liquid lipstick.


The formula for the lipstick itself is really nice. You can see from the outside that it’s slightly thicker or drier as it appears to have cracks in it when you look at it but this thicker formula is so comfortable on your lips. It’s got a sort of whipped, moussy texture to it which feels so light when you apply it, though it is a bit thick if you’re not careful so I definitely recommend a tissue to blot it when you think it’s dry or you’ll have thicker bits that do come off on everything as they haven’t necessarily set as much as the rest. That is the one problem with this thicker formula; it doesn’t dry that evenly so you can end up with slightly thicker bits that are still not completely set ten minutes later. The tissue does solve this and leaves it even and matte and you don’t leave lip marks on everything they touch for the next half an hour.


This is probably one of the most pigmented liquid lipsticks I’ve tired, though this may have something to do with how thick and moussy the liquid lipstick is as much as the actual pigmentation itself. It’s opaque in one coat but you can build it up if you want, just be careful to let it dry between layers, though I don’t think you’d need to do more than one coat. It’s definitely not a drying formula, or at least it doesn’t feel it when it’s on your lips, I didn’t feel myself reaching for the lip balm when I had it on. In fact I forgot I had it on a few times and got a surprise in the mirror! However if you get up close after a while any lines on your lips do seem to become more pronounced so definitely make sure your lips are in good condition and probably apply lip balm and let it soak in before you apply this. if you do it too soon after the lip balm it just doesn’t set.

As far as transfer goes these aren’t the best to start with, at least this colour does seem to leave marks on the first few drinks I had and in the wrap, but this does disappear after a while and it stays well after this with only minor flaking with some food or hot drinks. It’s so good at staying there that, two hours after application, I tried to remove it to see how hard it would be to get it off and it took a lot of rubbing and makeup remover. It actually came off in little rolls so I think it’s the moussy texture holding together there. Staying power is good, it lasted food and drinks but it did seem to fade unevenly when it went. It left a line of the colour around the edge of my lips and a bit patchy rather than the gradual fade of some others. It just needs reapplication after a proper meal and you’re good though, so it’s not a big problem.


One thing I did notice with this formula, and I’m not sure if this is specific to this colour or a general thing with the Lip Lingerie, is that the colour did change as it dried. It started off as a mid darkness colour but half an hour in I’d definitely say it was going towards dark. It’s still a nice colour but it didn’t keep the mid level lavender tone and went towards a slightly browner nude with a hint of the purple.

Overall I am very happy with this. I will definitely be experimenting with using other colours with it, and maybe see the other shades available, or save it for the autumn as it’s a bit darker than I want at the moment. It lasts well, isn’t drying and is a good price, especially compared to some of the other liquid lipsticks out there.

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