Review: Innovation Beauty 3 Brush Set


I am so far behind with these brushes, or the style at least, I’m not sure what to call them, I’ve heard them called hairbrush style or toothbrush style so I’ll just go with both of them here. TK Maxx recently had a bit of a push with beauty products designed or made in Australia and this brand, Beauty Innovation, seems to have been one of them. I haven’t heard of them before and there isn’t much about them online, maybe some of you guys have heard of them.

This 3 Brush Set, a large linear brush, small oval brush and medium oval brush cost £19.99 about a month ago when I bought it and I can’t see it online but I know the one local to me still has some of their brushes in it so it’s worth checking out the beauty section if you’re interested in one. As I’ve had them for a month I’ve had a chance to give them a proper try and tried them in the ways they suggest as well as others and have found they work best with certain products, not necessarily the ones they recommend, but I’ll go into that more in a bit.


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or maybe not even all that long, you may already know of my love of rose gold and matte finishes when it comes to beauty products, especially matte blacks. That means that this set in particular is pretty much perfect for me looks wise. The matte black finish has an almost silky feel to it which I love and the rose gold is so shiny. Unfortunately both styles of finish are a bit of a fingerprint magnet but I can forgive them as they do wipe off well, especially the rose gold.


The shape of the handle is easy to hold and fits well in your palm plus they look great when sat in a glass out on the side. Having read other reviews it seems that a lot of brushes with this style can feel a bit overly flexible and these are no different. I haven’t had any of them snap, and to be honest I don’t think they would unless you went over the top with pressure, but they do benefit from having the head supported by a finger. This actually works great for me as that seems the most natural way to hold the brush anyway and does make it easier to control them for me.

The bristles are very soft and feel almost velvety on your skin. They’re very dense but don’t feel like they’re putting too much pressure when you press them against your face and do have a bit of give so the edges move. As the brushes get bigger they get denser and thicker, the large liner brush has a lot of flexibility if you try to move it side to side on the thinnest way but not much if you go length ways which is useful for drawing lines. As these are so dense they do take ages to dry, give the largest a full afternoon before it’s dry enough to use unless it somewhere really warm.

I’m sure that I read that the bristles for these brushes are synthetic, though I can’t find it on the packaging and it seems to be very hard to find anything on the company itself from here in the UK. I hope they’re synthetic anyway.

L-R: Large Linear Brush, Small Oval Brush, Medium Oval Brush

The individual brush designs all have products they’re recommended for, I gave them each a go with those products as I’d use them and found that some worked ok but others didn’t really work for me like I’d hoped. They do all do good jobs with certain things, just not always what they recommend. Also, I’ll probably mention this again, but I’m not sure who was in charge of deciding the sizing for these, they almost seem like they’re up a size from the name to me.

Large Linear  Brush – recommended for lining lashes and lips or define brows and sculpt eyeshadows.

First thing; for me this brush is way too wide for lining eyes, it’d cover a third of my eyelid, and defining the brows again it’s too thick. It does work ok at applying powder on your brows to the point where it’s thin enough to reach but not defining. Lips it’s ok at but it’s not as precise as I’d like, but it does work fairly well at creating certain shapes when it comes to eyeshadow. It works really well at creating a sort of winger look with eyeshadow, a lot easier to get it even and get the line done quickly than with a regular brush, and quite good at under the bottom lashes as it’s long and stiff enough not to be pushed away by the lashes. Not mentioned in there but it always works great as an under brow highlight brush and it’s pretty decent for under eye concealer.


Small Oval Brush – the first of the misnamed brushes to me, it’s recommended for blending to the corner of your lids as well as upper and lower lash line or concealer or foundation around the nose and corners of your eyes.




To start with this brush is huge for an eyeshadow brush. I gave it a go but it’s the size of my eye so it’s not at all precise. I didn’t find it good at blending up to the lash lines either, it was too big to control that well for me, but it did work very well with concealer around my nose and under my eyes. Some things it doesn’t mention that I found it worked well with are highlight, you get a nice precise line if you want or for buffing it and blending it out, or contouring where you have the same benefits. It worked ok as a blush if you use a very light hand and a light blush but it’s a bit small for that for me and gave a bit too much of a sharp edge.

Medium Oval Brush – should probably be called the large oval brush really and recommended for blush, foundation or powder application.

I think this is the one that the recommendations fit perfectly. It was amazing with foundation as it buffed it in and did as good a job as my beauty blender style sponges but way quicker, and it’s a good shape for covering large areas in one go. Blush it’s good at, again you do need to go light on it but it’s got good coverage and blends well, and powder is ok but I prefer a more flexible brush as this did seem to apply it thicker than I’d like. If you like buffing your powder in though this would be great for that.


Overall I am very happy with these brushes. I really like the design and the largest is definitely going to be in my makeup routine fairly often. I think they do all have their jobs, I just don’t think that the other two have been given the right ones as recommendations to me as they seem to be the size up from what you want for these jobs. I would say that if you want to try this style brush then these are worth checking out, I’m not sure how easy they are to find as most links I could see here in the UK are to TK Maxx and most are no longer available but they may be available wherever you live, especially if it’s Australia.

If you want to try this style brush and only get one or two I would definitely recommend the largest one if you want a good one to buff your foundation in. The large linear brush style is actually quite useful as a multitasking brush, just don’t expect to find the perfect eyeliner brush if you decide to get it.


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