Review: Viseart Petit Pro Palette


Before the beginning of this year I hadn’t heard of Viseart, then it seemed like quite a few of the YouTubers I was subscribed to were taking about them. The larger palettes are out of my price range, at least without knowing how good the eyeshadows were, so I went for the Petit Pro Palette when I saw it was in stock on Beauty Bay. It seems like it’s no longer available, though it seems to pop up in a few sites now and then so Google might help if you’re looking for a stockist. I think the price was around £25 which seems to fit with the £20 – £30 price tag I’m finding in various sites at the moment.

This palette is definitely small, it’s the size to fit in your palm, and contains eight different colours in fairly neutral tones, I would say there’s a mix of warm and cool times but it leans more on the warm side. Half of them are matte and the other half are shimmery but verging on a metallic foil finish. It comes in a matte black card palette with a magnet closure and a small mirror so it seems like it might be a good travel palette. They also have the unusual feature of the pans being kept in the palette by magnets so they can enjoy rearranged or transferred to your favourite travel palette.


One thing I really like about this palette is the packaging itself. I’m not sure what it is but I do love good matte black packaging even if it is a bit of a fingerprint magnet. The slip case is good for holding the palette closed as an extra precaution when travelling but the magnet keeps it closed enough for day to day use. I like the fact it has a small ribbon tab to hold onto so you can pull it open easily, though I do see it becoming a bit dirty over time it’s still a nice addition rather than having to use your nails to pull the magnetic edges apart.


As it’s a card palette the hinge isn’t really a hinge and doesn’t hold the mirror up unless you lean it on something. The fact it wraps around means it holds in place and I can see the magnet holding for a while as it does feel strong and snaps shut. The eyeshadows themselves are in a plastic base which is easy to wipe clean, a useful thing as the matte powders seem to have a lot of extra powder that comes off and makes a mess on the surrounding palette.


One of the more unusual features in this palette, at least compared to others I own, is the fact that each of the pans is held in place by a magnet. I will admit that when I first read this I was a bit nervous about how strong it would be but they hold in so well, I’ve held it upside town and shaken it and tapped it and they stay stuck. They are fairly easy to remove, there’s a bit of a cut out on the edge of the plastic part of the palette next to each of the pans so you just pull it up from there. It’s easy, no mess and you don’t have to worry about damaging your eyeshadows.


There are two obviously different formulas in this palette; the top row are drier mattes and the bottom four are shimmers. The mattes are pretty average, they blend really well but are a bit chalky and there’s a lot of excess on my brush when I use it. The pigmentation is better than some but I’d say below some of the cheaper palettes I own. The shimmers, however, are amazingly pigmented and creamy and blend really well, both the base and the shimmer particles. The mattes need a primer for any real pigmentation and definitely for any lasting power. The shimmers do pretty well with or without primer, though they do benefit from it to stay in place though this will depend on how well your eyelids keep eyeshadows in place.


As these don’t actually have any names in these eyeshadows I’m just going to use names I’ve given them in the photo to make it easier.

Matte off white – a slight yellow base but a great one for pale skin tones as a brow highlight or to blend out other colours on the edges. It does pretty much disappear when you blend it, maybe partially due to my skin tone and you can’t see it much at all without primer though.

Matte light brown – the coolest brown, maybe a bit of a taupe hint to me. A good crease colour as it blends well with others or out.

Matte mid brown – this is almost a maroon so a very red based brown that becomes more purple as you blend it out to a reddy colour.

Matte dark brown/grey – another cooler brown that leans towards grey. The least pigmented colour in the palette and a big difference between with and without the primer.


Warm cream shimmer – the most obviously shimmery colour in the palette, it has fine silver and rose gold shimmer particles in it. It’s a warm cream, slightly pink and blends well but the glitter pieces do tend to spread more and they do cause fallout.

Golden shimmer – pretty much a liquid gold type colour. So creamy, blends well as a whole colour and great as an eyeliner too.viseartpetitpro9

Copper shimmer – metallic copper, the same formula as the gold and so creamy and easy to blend. This is probably the best pigmented and the stand out colour of the palette to me.

Maroon shimmer – I think this is meant to be a metallic version of the third colour on the top row and it goes well with it. Blends well, very pigmented and something a bit different to a lot of neutral palettes.


A size comparison to the Naked 3 and one of the The Balm Autobalm palettes



Overall I really like this palette, the shimmers are amazing and probably my favourite formula of all the eyeshadows I own. It’s a pity the mattes let it down, they aren’t as pigmented or easy to blend as some I’ve had from Sleek and there’s a big price difference. For the price I would expect the mattes to be better but it seems maybe it’s a case of this palette not being the best example of their mattes considering reviews I’ve read of matte only palettes.


I’d say that this is a nice palette but for the price I’m not sure I’d repurchase it. I think the shimmers are amazing so I’d say their shimmer palettes probably are worth the higher price tag. They do a palette that’s in between this and the standard palettes in the theory palettes which are available in a range of colours in the £35 – £40 price range and might be a better bet if you want to give them a go. I’ve never tried one of them so can’t recommend them from experience.

Basically, this is a nice palette and I’ll use it and enjoy it but it’s not worth the price range when there are some great drugstore palettes out there.

5 thoughts on “Review: Viseart Petit Pro Palette

      1. I know, that’s what’s holding me back. Having seen reviews of the full sized ones they look like they’re amazingly pigmented and will last for ages, I think the pans are a lot bigger than these, and they seem like they’ll be better than ones like Urban Decay whose larger palettes are a similar price but it seems like so much for a palette. I still only have the one UD one I bought full price so a proper Viseart palette will probably be a way off! Lol

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      2. Kate's Vanity says:

        I have the Naked 2 palette and the Smokey one that I bought discounted on the Ulta website a long time ago! Lol. We’re always searching for the perfect eyeshadow 🙂 lol

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